It’s unbelievable what Sandra Kubicka did. She was still in the hospital on Thursday

It's unbelievable what Sandra Kubicka did.  She was still in the hospital on Thursday

Despite health problems, Sandra Kubicka returned to the TVP studio on Friday to record the finale of the “Rytmy Dwójki” program. She posted photos of herself posing with Baron.

On Friday, October 13, the media reported that Sandra Kubicka felt very bad while recording the 7th episode of the TVP program “Rytmy Dwójki” and was taken to hospital. This information terrified fans of the celebrity, who has long been open about struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome, and recently announced that doctors had detected a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix.

Sandra Kubicka was taken to hospital. She explained what happened

Gossip websites claimed that due to her health problems, Kubicka would not appear in the recordings of the finale of the “Rytmy Dwójki” program. After some time, the celebrity herself spoke out on the matter and assured that she would host the next episode of the show.

– I could not make it. I was taken to hospital. I am waiting for further diagnostics. I’m going to the hospital again soon to get painkiller injections so that I can finish the final, because today is the final. And I want it very much. They wanted to leave me, but I want to finish the program – she announced, confirming that she will be present in the finale of the TVP program.

– This is the last thing I’m saying on this topic and please don’t spread any rumors or conspiracy theories about what could have actually happened to me, because I’ve already read such nonsense that the audit at the Supreme Audit Office stressed me out so much that I ended up in the hospital. I’m going to the set, I’ll deliver it, and then I’ll take care of my health and that’s it. Thank you everyone for the beautiful message, because I started receiving it too and I was wondering how you knew it, Kubicka appealed.

Sandra Kubicka in the finale of “Rytmy Dwójka”

Kubicka, as she announced, did so. Shortly afterwards, she posted photos online from the finale of the “Rytmy Dwójki” program, posing with her partner Baron.

“We are currently shooting the last day of filming of “Rytmy Dwójki”, our first joint television show. We like working together because we like each other,” she wrote in the post. “For you, the next episode of our musical show is about to start and we are shooting the grand finale for you! We wish you a pleasant journey through musical decades and we wish you more adventures and projects together! – she further emphasized.

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