These are the 5 best products for your health. A dietitian gives simple ways to live long

These are the 5 best products for your health.  A dietitian gives simple ways to live long

To enjoy good health and a long life, you just need to follow a few simple rules. A nutrition specialist suggested what will help you take care of your body.

Our body needs a variety of nutrients to function well. Additionally, a healthy diet helps maintain a healthy weight, which is crucial for preventing obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases. Proper nutrition therefore plays a key role in maintaining good physical and mental health. A healthy diet should be balanced, contain a variety of nutrients and be part of a healthy lifestyle. Head of the Department of Nutrition and Metabolomics, prof. Ph.D. n. med. Ewa Stachowska, in the material she published on Instagram, suggests how to take care of your body.

What to eat to enjoy good health?

One of the patients asked Professor Stachowska what she (the person giving advice) does to avoid getting sick and maintain good health. The specialist listed five things that are very important to her.

First of all, I try to eat legumes very regularly. Mainly cowpeas, but also lentils. I really like them and I try to eat them every day. Secondly, I eat a lot of vegetables – very often for breakfast I cook vegetables and add good quality fat, i.e. olive oil. And that's a wonderful thing. Thirdly, I try to eat good protein for the sake of my muscle mass, i.e. more protein in each meal (about 20-30 g of protein) – so that my muscle mass does not decrease. And these are usually fish, but also eggs and dairy products – explained the specialist.

Professor Stachowka also noted that dietary supplements play an important role: 'Fourth – omega-3 fatty acids and various additives, various dietary supplements. But I distinguish omega-3 fatty acids because of their anti-inflammatory effects. And fifthly – supplements, without which I cannot imagine life,” said the expert. She also mentioned that it is important to take probiotics, colostrum, minerals and collagen.

Proven ways to live long

In another recording, Professor Stachowska gave five ways to enjoy a long life. She admitted that they accompany her almost every day. She noticed that it was important for her, but it could also be an important tip for other people. “First of all, I am an optimist,” the specialist began. The second way she mentioned was to give herself pleasure every day: “For me, physical activity and the sauna are pleasure, so I exercise every day and then I go for sunbathing.” The third method, which the nutrition expert has been using for many years, is to take an ice-cold shower for a minute every morning: “It sets up my day and this is something that is extremely important to me and makes my life better.”

She also referred to eating habits: 'Fourth, I eat healthily and generally eat breakfast. These breakfasts are fantastic and tailored to what I need. It could be boiled vegetables with yogurt, it could be oatmeal, avocado with egg or other things.” She emphasized that she never skips breakfast. As a fifth method, she mentioned appropriate supplementation. “I have been taking supplements every day for many, many years. Then, when we are in the period from October to April, I take vitamin D. But I also take magnesium, zinc and selenium with varying frequency. I also use various herbal preparations, but also probiotics, including psychobiotics, when I'm having a harder day,” the specialist concluded. It is also worth knowing the myths about healthy eating. Be sure to also check what hinders healthy eating.

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