A male contraceptive pill has appeared on the horizon. Tests are underway

A male contraceptive pill has appeared on the horizon.  Tests are underway

Birth control pills are only available to women. However, this may change soon. Scientists from Great Britain are the first in the world to conduct tests on contraceptive pills for men. The first results are very promising.

“The world is ready for a male contraceptive,” said Dr. Gunda I. Georg, project leader. Work on creating the tablet took many years. First, tests were carried out on mice. The first phase of clinical trials involving humans is currently underway. The preliminary analyzes produced very good results.

How does the male contraceptive pill work?

The male contraceptive pill, known as YCT-529, inhibits the activity of retinoic acid binding protein (a form of vitamin A), which is responsible, among other things, for the production of sperm by the male reproductive system. “Turning off” this protein causes temporary infertility. It is worth noting here that this product does not contain hormones. Therefore, it does not have such a negative impact on the body as female hormonal contraception, which involves inhibiting ovulation by supplying artificial progesterone and estrogen to the body. As Dr. Gunda I. Georg notes:

“The last innovation in pregnancy prevention was the female contraceptive pill, invented over 60 years ago. Creating a male contraceptive that does not contain hormones is a right and necessary step, considering the side effects we see among women using hormonal methods of contraception. We consciously chose to inhibit the vitamin A signaling pathway in the testes. Numerous studies confirm that blocking this pathway brings very good results. It causes infertility, which is very easy to reverse.”

Researchers also emphasize that the male contraceptive pill is very effective (99 percent) and at the same time safe. Taking it does not cause any severe side effects. Scientists believe that their discovery will change the view on contraception, previously perceived as a woman’s duty. They hope that the pill will become an attractive form of contraception for men, and that contraception will become a shared responsibility for both partners. If human tests produce satisfactory results, the tablet will soon be introduced to the pharmaceutical market in the UK.

Available forms of male contraception

Male contraception usually involves using condoms during sexual intercourse. Another, less frequently used method of preventing unplanned fatherhood is vasectomy. This is a microsurgical procedure involving the ligation of the vas deferens. As a result, they become obstructed, which prevents the free movement of sperm. Vasectomy does not affect a man’s sexual life or sexual intercourse. Does not block ejaculation. It only changes the composition of sperm. There are no sperm in it, which makes fertilization impossible.

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