Katarzyna Grochola about the fight against cancer. “I have another CT scan.”

Katarzyna Grochola about the fight against cancer.  “I have another CT scan.”

The writer talked about her health condition in her latest interview. Katarzyna Grochola has already undergone two surgeries.

The last few years have not been the easiest for Katarzyna Grochola. Well, at the end of 2022, the writer was diagnosed with right lung cancer. As a result, she underwent surgery, but during the procedure, specialists detected another lesion that had to be removed. Ultimately, she survived two treatments. Now she revealed how she feels.

Katarzyna Grochola about her health condition

Katarzyna Grochola did not hide the fact that she was struggling with cancer and reported her fight online. She also talked about her health condition in interviews. However, she revealed that when she learned about the disease, she was not afraid for herself – because she wanted to quickly return the book she was working on to the publisher and deal with organizational issues.

– I was worried about the fact that the will was undetermined, that I had to meet my daughter, that certain things needed to be agreed, because things might be different. But somehow all this was not about fear, but about responsible treatment of something that is serious. And not that I will definitely die, but “if something happened” – she explained in a conversation with Małgorzata Ohme.

It can be assumed that Katarzyna Grochola is feeling better because she recently appeared in Kinogram in Warsaw, where the premiere of “Stuntman” took place. She then gave an interview to a reporter from “Pudelek”. – I have another CT scan tomorrow. I hope the universe is favorable, she revealed.

Later in the conversation, she admitted that she takes care of herself in a very down-to-earth way, and by attending the film premiere she “took care of her state of mind.” She also added that thanks to the disease, she managed to re-evaluate her life – she stopped putting off things that were important to her.

– They taught me lots of different things. First of all, we have one life and there is no point in postponing what good we can do today. These are trite phrases that everyone understands only when they come across something serious. So my experience will only be useful to me. I wish everyone health and wisdom, she said.

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