The famous storming of Area 51 ended with one arrest. For peeing under the gate

The famous storming of Area 51 ended with one arrest.  For peeing under the gate

There was supposed to be a great assault on Area 51, but it ended in a great… fiasco. It seems that the creators of the online event focused too much on producing memes on this topic, because in Nevada itself they appeared rather rarely.

More memes than real participants of the famous “Storm Area 51”? It’s very likely. The British BBC television reports that several dozen people took part in Friday’s event near the secret US base. One was arrested for… urinating near the entrance gate. None of the approximately 75 daredevils dared to force the security measures put in place by the army.

Not very impressive? It was much more impressive at the level of the online event. – I’m a little disappointed because there are a lot fewer people than expected online – said Nathan Brown, who came from Portland for the occasion, in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

It was supposed to be two million

It’s hard not to be surprised. Two million people announced their participation in the Facebook event “Storm Area 51. They Can’t Stop Us All”, created in June, and even the American army commented on the matter. Even before she did “zero hour” – the assault was planned for September 20 – it looked more serious. The media was abuzz with information about the arrest of two YouTubers from the Netherlands who had invaded an area closed to civilians. We learn from the American media that the young men were sent back to the Netherlands after a few days in custody.

There are memes left

To sum up, it didn’t work this time. Funny pictures remain, and the aliens suffered as they were suppressed in zone 51.

What is Area 51?

Area 51, called Area 51, Dreamland in the USA and officially Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3, is a famous American military base located in Nevada since 1955. The facility is located in the desert, near the dry Lake Groom. It has one of the longest runways in the world, and the airspace above it (the size of Switzerland) is considered the most secure in the entire United States. Until 2001, the US government stuck to the story that Area 51 was just an urban legend. The CIA confirmed its existence only in 2013. According to numerous conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial life forms are being held at the base in Nevada and American scientists have been conducting secret research for decades.

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