Lara Gessler on a hidden problem among fathers: It happens to men too

Lara Gessler on a hidden problem among fathers: It happens to men too

Lara Gessler recently talked about her partner’s mental state after the birth of their second child. She drew attention to an important problem that is mainly discussed in the context of women. Meanwhile, it also affects men.

Some time ago, the media wrote about the move of Lara Gessler’s partner, Piotr Szeląg, to a hotel shortly after the birth of their son, Bernard. Recently, the restaurateur recalled this situation and said what caused it.

– He just had a nervous breakdown. It can happen to anyone. In the case of childbirth, we more often talk about women’s baby blues. Well, but listen, it happens to guys too, she admitted in one of the interviews.

Lara Gessler noticed that the coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the emergence of various mental health problems. It is important not to judge anyone and to provide support to your loved one in difficult times. “The fact is that after Covid, our mental health has deteriorated significantly. Listen, we are a family, for better or for worse, and we are here to support each other,” she said.

Baby blues in men

Baby blues are a state of low mood that occurs after giving birth. It usually appears between the 3rd and 5th day after delivery. It is mainly talked about in the context of women, but it can also apply to men. It is estimated that up to one in ten fathers struggle with this problem. However, it produces slightly different symptoms than in women. Patients are usually irritable and more impulsive. They have a greater tendency to engage in risky behavior and abuse harmful substances. They withdraw from social and family life, as well as marital or partnership relationships. They find it difficult to concentrate and fulfill professional duties. They have less motivation to be active. In the case of women, however, we are more likely to experience feelings of disgust towards our own bodies or fear for the child. If a man or woman does not get help in time, the baby blues may develop into postpartum depression.

Baby blues – where to look for help?

First of all, we should not underestimate the emotions and problems that affect us and our loved ones after the birth of a new family member. If the baby blues persist for a long time, you should seek professional psychological or psychotherapeutic help. You can also use the Crisis Helpline (number 116 123). The hotline is open 24 hours a day and the caller is not charged any fees for the call.

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