The most popular blocks in the world are made of plant plastic. LEGO wants to be more “eco”

The most popular blocks in the world are made of plant plastic.  LEGO wants to be more "eco"

Lego has just presented a set of blocks with the largest number of ecological elements in its history. In the “Tree House” set, consisting of over 3,000 elements, there are already as many as 180 in the “eco” version, and there will be even more in the future. They are made of renewable plant-based polyethylene obtained from sugar cane. But the Danish tycoon is reportedly planning more pro-ecological changes.

The ecological elements, which for some time can be found in the sets of the most popular blocks in the world (still largely plastic), are made of vegetable polyethylene, which is made on the basis of ethanol obtained from renewable sugar cane crops. The manufacturer ensures that it uses sugar cane from Brazil, the proper sourcing of which does not threaten the quality of crops and yields. There is one problem: for now, only certain elements, leaves and plants appearing in the sets can be produced from vegetable polyethylene, because it is not strong enough. Certainly not like the armored plastic the company is famous for.

No more plastic

However, due to the growing awareness of consumers and the growing interest in ecological, often wooden toys, Lego is still looking for other solutions and materials that could be used in their production. “The LEGO Group experts expect that in the future they will be made of natural and renewable materials, including recycled ones” – the company boasts.

Lego already announces that by 2030 all bricks will be made of renewable materials, and five years earlier, sets will only be sold in recyclable packaging. The “Tree House” set, created by a fan of Lego bricks from France, will be available for purchase in Poland for around PLN 900.

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