The end of the conflict between Poles' rivals. Final decisions have been made

The end of the conflict between Poles' rivals.  Final decisions have been made

This is the end of the saga in the Norwegian Ski Federation. Alexander Stoeckl officially left the national team. It seems that he hasn't said the last word yet, because he has already received several job offers.

There has been a conflict in the Norwegian ski jumping team for some time. This winter, the players openly expressed their dissatisfaction with cooperation with Alexander Stoeckl and demanded his removal as coach of the national team. In addition, the country's representatives were to send letters to the federation. Journalists of “Przegląd Sportowy” learned some time ago that the first such situation took place in 2018. “To be honest, Alex has never been a coach. He was more of a sports director whose goal was to build a good reputation for the Norwegian team. He was never for the players,” the daily found.

The end of the Alexander Stoeckl saga

Norwegian media reported that the conflict between the federation and the coach had been resolved and both sides had reached an agreement and said goodbye to each other. – I am very pleased with the agreement. It was demanding, but we reached an agreement that both sides are satisfied with, Stoeckl told NRK.

In turn, the Norwegian Ski Association in a statement thanked Stoeckl for his enormous efforts and many great moments they experienced. – Alexander goes down in history as one of the greatest figures in Norwegian ski jumping and we are deeply grateful to him for the work he has done – write the local media.

Alexander Stoeckl has already received job offers

Alexander Stoeckl was the coach of the Norwegian national ski jumping team for 13 years. The coach admitted that he had received several job offers both in and outside sports. – I haven't decided yet – he emphasized.

– It was important for me to contribute to the development of players, coaches and supporters. Together we managed to create many great moments on and off the ski jumps, he concluded.

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