Where will the Polish national team live during Euro 2024? There is preliminary information

Where will the Polish national team live during Euro 2024?  There is preliminary information

After qualifying for Euro 2024, the Polish national team must choose an appropriate base for the tournament. There are two locations in the game.

The Polish representatives made us wait a long time so that we could qualify for Euro 2024, but the most important thing is that their mission was a success. On Tuesday, after a heroic fight against Wales, the Polish team won a place in the tournament after winning the penalty shootout. The exchange of potential locations for the tournament base was launched quite quickly and, according to the Meczyki.pl website, PZPN and coach Michał Probierz are investigating two places.

Poles will live in Potsdam or Bremen

Two directions are analyzed. One of them is Potsdam, a town in eastern Germany. From there, the white and red team would be close to Berlin (29 kilometers) for the match against Austria, but much further for the clashes with Hamburg and Dortmund. However, it is worth taking a look at the main advantage of this location, which is the quiet neighborhood and great conditions for training. According to Meczyków.pl, this option is the most convincing for Polish representatives.

This is probably because the second place under consideration, i.e. Bremen, will not provide adequate peace of mind for the Polish representatives. There, the team would go to the Atlantic Grand Hotel. This facility is located in the heart of the Old Town. The airport would be relatively close for Poles and the location would be a shorter distance from the stadiums in Hamburg and Dortmund, but it may turn out that the most important thing for the players will be space and the lack of crowds nearby.

Michał Probierz will make the choice

Ultimately, the final vote will belong to Michał Probierz. He will indicate the base where Polish representatives will live during Euro 2024. This must be done on April 3 or 4, because April 5 is the deadline for reporting the locations where the teams will be stationed.

Let us remind you that during this year's tournament in Germany, in the group phase, we will play against: the Netherlands (Hamburg), Austria (Berlin) and France (Dortmund).

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