Michał Wiśniewski about his health problems: “People were afraid to shake my hand”

Michał Wiśniewski about his health problems: "People were afraid to shake my hand"

In one of the latest editions of the popular podcast, Michał Wiśniewski talked more about his health and struggles with a disease that many people consider embarrassing. The musician suffers from psoriasis.

Michał Wiśniewski is the vocalist of the band “Ich Troje”. He has been associated with the world of music for over 25 years. He gained popularity with songs such as “I would always like to be with you”, “Say”, “And all this… (because I love you)!” or “Keine Grenzen – No borders”. Recently, the singer “opened up” about his health and talked more about the incurable disease he has been struggling with for years.

Michał Wiśniewski and his fight against psoriasis

Michał Wiśniewski discovered that he suffered from psoriasis during one of the most difficult moments of his life. “She came very innocently, because it started out normal. There were scabs forming somewhere from the elbows, somewhere on the leg. So I was healing these scabs and so on, but there were more and more of them, until finally they started attacking my face. This guy makes money. It was generally very difficult. I scratched it off and covered it with make-up,” he admitted in an interview.

Initially, the singer tried to deal with psoriasis using various types of ointments applied to the skin. He later started taking steroids. At the same time, he admitted that the disease had a strong impact on his life and the way his surroundings perceived him.

In general, it is very often the case that people who are not aware of it think that it is a fungus and that it is not taking care of themselves. Obviously, this is people's ignorance. (…) I cried like a child when I finally got my nails back, because it meant cutting the nail right to the very end so that it wouldn't be visible. (…) People were afraid to shake my hand – he explained.

The singer noted that many people ignore psoriasis. At the same time, he appealed to patients not to give up and fight to improve their health, because this will help them gain more self-confidence. He also drew attention to another very important issue – not showing up for scheduled medical appointments or treatments. Not canceling them, he stressed, means “stealing others' places.”

How does psoriasis manifest itself?

One of the most characteristic symptoms of psoriasis are skin lesions occurring on the body. First, they take the form of red-brown lumps, which over time turn into so-called shields covered with silvery scales. The skin underneath is shiny. It looks as if it was covered with wax. The indicated skin lesions are often accompanied by itching. The disease can attack not only the skin, but also nails and joints. Complete and permanent cure of psoriasis is not possible. The therapy alleviates the symptoms and extends the periods of remission (the time during which the symptoms of the disease disappear). It is worth emphasizing that the recurrence of psoriasis is favored by an improper diet (alcohol consumption) and stress.

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