The dogs bit the deer. The verdict in the case was issued after 6 years of court battle

The dogs bit the deer.  The verdict in the case was issued after 6 years of court battle

The Poznań-Stare Miasto District Court in Poznań sentenced the hunter Piotr W. after six years. His dogs bit a deer alive, and activists from the Forest Patrol continued to demand punishment for those responsible in the case.

In November 2017, in Złotniki near Poznań, seven hunting dogs mauled a live deer. Their owner, Piotr W., called his dogs only after they had already tormented the wild animal. Afterwards, he did not react appropriately, leaving the deer carcass by the road.

The hunter allowed the dogs to bite the deer. He was sentenced

The evidence in this case included recordings made by other residents of the town who tried to chase away aggressive dogs. Witnesses also notified the police and shared the evidence they had against the hunter who allowed the horrific death of the deer.

“The hunter watched the dogs catch up and tear apart a live animal, he didn’t even take the gun off his shoulder, he didn’t shoot the animal – he watched as 7 hunting dogs bit off the tail of a live deer, bit out the body, strangled it, and stuck their fangs into the abdomen,” animal rights activists described the course of the event .

Finally, after 6 years of trial, the Poznań court found Piotr W. guilty of abusing a bull deer by consciously allowing it to suffer by hunting dogs under his care. For his act, the man was fined PLN 4,000. zloty.

Activists triumph after hunter’s conviction

“The court had no doubt that the hunter who allowed hunting dogs to tear a living deer alive had committed a crime. This is another case in which the LPM Foundation has proven that hunting criminals cannot feel unpunished,” the activists rejoiced, despite the symbolic punishment for the hunter.

“The legal battle conducted by the LPM Foundation and attorney Magdalena Spisak lasted 6 years, requiring many hours of work, complaints, appeals and, finally, a subsidiary indictment.

However, it was worth carrying out these activities because they led us to victory, i.e. a conviction in the first instance,” emphasized members of the Forest Patrol – People Against Hunters group.

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