“Soldiers led away in handcuffs like bandits.” Giertych pointed out the culprit and he issued a statement

"Soldiers led away in handcuffs like bandits."  Giertych pointed out the culprit and he issued a statement

Roman Giertych wrote that Tomasz Janeczek, a trusted prosecutor of Zbigniew Ziobro, is responsible for detaining the soldiers who used weapons on the Polish-Belarusian border. However, he previously issued a statement in which he argued that he had not been informed about the events and procedural steps.

Onet reported on Wednesday evening that at the turn of March and April 2024, young soldiers patrolling the section of the border between Poland and Belarus near the town of Dubicze Cerkiewne had to face 50 illegal migrants who crossed the barrier. First warning shots were fired into the air and then into the ground. The foreigners finally withdrew. WP added on Thursday that shots were also supposed to be fired when the foreigners withdrew to Belarus.

The Border Guard notified the Military Police. Polish soldiers were handcuffed and led away “like bandits.” Proceedings were initiated against two people and they were suspended. According to the Ministry of National Defense, there was a suspicion of “unjustified use of firearms.” The case is under investigation.

Polish soldiers in handcuffs. Tomasz Janeczek issued a statement

After hours 4. The Ad Vocem Association, considered to be an organization associating prosecutors associated with Zbigniew Ziobro, issued a statement signed by the Deputy Prosecutor General for Military Affairs. Tomasz Janeczek emphasized that he would “give him an order to immediately deliver the case files to him.” In his opinion, “the actions of the prosecutor's office in this case aroused great controversy and must be urgently analyzed under official supervision.”

The Deputy Prosecutor General for Military Affairs argued that he was not informed about the events at the border and the subsequent procedural steps taken by the prosecutor. Janeczek said that he learned about the case from the media and that for many weeks he had not been able to “perform his official duties to the full extent” in practice.

Roman Giertych on who is responsible for detaining the soldiers

“Formally, Tomasz Janeczek, the PUT deputy for military affairs, is responsible for the detention of Polish soldiers, and he cannot be dismissed due to the President's objection. Janeczek is one of Ziobro's most trusted prosecutors,” Roman Giertych said on social media.

“I have invited the Deputy Prosecutor General for Military Affairs, prosecutor Tomasz Janeczek, for an urgent meeting tomorrow morning. The conversation is intended to provide full information about the circumstances and actions of the prosecutor's office regarding the charges against soldiers who intervened against a group of migrants trying to illegally cross the state border of the Republic of Poland,” wrote Adam Bodnar.

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz about the Deputy Prosecutor General for Military Affairs

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz also commented on Janeczek's case at the press conference. – According to the information provided to us by the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor's Office, the prosecutor was aware of these actions because he issued decisions in this case. The prosecutor's office will inform about it, said the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

“Minister Adam Bodnar had no knowledge whatsoever about the conduct towards soldiers. The behavior of the PG's deputy for military affairs requires explanation. Janeczka. Why did he not inform his superior about this matter and how did he exercise his rights,” concluded Deputy Minister of Justice Arkadiusz Myrcha.

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