You’re gnashing your teeth. This is how much you earn on Google and Facebook

You're gnashing your teeth.  This is how much you earn on Google and Facebook

How much can you earn in corporations such as Google or Facebook? Manager Mitchie Nguyen talks about the fabulous amounts she earned while working in Silicon Valley. However, the woman left everything for one reason.

Mitchie Nguyen is a former manager who specialized in product management for many years. She worked in large companies in Silicon Valley, starting with LinkedIn, then moving relatively smoothly to Meta (Facebook), and even further – to employment at Google. In a frank conversation with Business Insider, he summarizes how much you can earn working in Big Tech corporations.

Working in Silicon Valley – not everyone will make it

Nguyen started her six-year stay at Silicon Valley companies on LinkedIn. While still a student, it was initially difficult for her to get through the CV sorting machines and the army of HR specialists. As she recalls, few people wanted to give a chance to a sociology student, because companies were looking for people with business or IT education.

What helped her was starting a student club from scratch and continuously running it – companies appreciated that she was able to achieve goals and manage the activities of others.

She settled in at LinkedIn as a sales associate, as part of an internship program organized by the corporation. She earned $50,981 a year and could count on $17,000. dol bonus if it met the appropriate goals. Calculating in Polish (and with an allowance for the result), it is approximately USD 5,665 per month, or PLN 22,483. However, this was only the beginning.

Earnings in LinkedIn, Meta and Google – up to PLN 69,000 per month

After a while, Nguyen got bored with sales, so she found a job in product marketing at Google. At the beginning, there was a special business program within the company, lasting 2.5 years.

She was an associate product-marketing manager there, and the position was significantly better paid. The base salary was $91,000 per year, with 15 percent performance bonus. In addition, for a period of 4 years, Nguyen regularly received blocks of Google shares worth approximately PLN 64,000. dollars.

Converting – the total earnings (assuming good results) is almost USD 8,721 per month, or PLN 34,585. We do not count the profit from shares here because they change their value over time and are not awarded in regular tranches.

The manager’s last stop was the Meta corporation, which creates, among others, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Threads. Nguyen joined the company in 2020 as a user privacy product marketing specialist. As she says, she negotiated her salary with great zeal and received two promotions during her work for Mark Zuckerberg.

The earnings at Meta were therefore high enough. They consisted of $150,000 base salary, $15,000. hole. bonus for the result, PLN 80,000 dollars in shares (for 4 years). 20,000 was also a nice addition. dollars of “starting bonus”. When she left Facebook, her base salary increased from PLN 150,000. up to 196 thousand dollars.

Let’s only calculate regular earnings, but with a bonus for achieving the expected results. Each month she received $13,750, or PLN 54,578. And at the end of my work at Meta, it was a salary of USD 17,583, so a quite staggering salary of PLN 69,792.

What’s even more interesting – Mitchie Nguyen says that she said goodbye to Meta in June 2023 and hasn’t looked back. She recently founded her own startup. As she says, even if her company does not achieve huge success, she can always return to the corporation.

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