LOT helps cranes. Became a “Partner for Climate”

LOT helps cranes.  Became a "Partner for Climate"

LOT Polish Airlines bought over 7.7 thousand. Carbon Dioxide Units and received the “Partner for Climate” certificate. Thanks to funds from LOT, the habitats of cranes and other wetland species will be rebuilt and protected.

The purchase of carbon dioxide units is part of the Forest Carbon Farms project – a project of the State Forests. The aim of the campaign is to increase the capacity of forests to absorb carbon dioxide, including through afforestation, forest regeneration and maintenance works. The forests covered by the project are located in 23 forest districts and their area is 12,000. hectares. Over 30 years, these areas will absorb a total of 1 million tons of CO2 more than if no additional activities were carried out there. The planned CO2 absorption is sold during the auction in the form of Carbon Dioxide Units.

A Carbon Dioxide Unit is the amount of organic carbon corresponding to a ton of CO2, which, as a result of additional activities, will be accumulated in tree stands and in the soil. In September, LOT bought as many as 7.7 thousand. such units – the most of all auction participants. He was honored with the “Partner for the Climate” certificate, which he received during the ceremonial opening of the POL-ECO System Environmental Protection Fair in Poznań.

Now – in accordance with the project rules – the money from the purchase of PLN 7.7 thousand Carbon Dioxide Units will be allocated for the purpose indicated by LOT – they will help create appropriate conditions for nesting and raising offspring by cranes and other wetland species. The choice of these particular animals is not accidental. After all, LOT has a crane in its logo. The area where the habitats will be restored and protected is located in the Swarożyn commune in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, i.e. on the route from Warsaw to Gdańsk.

– LOT consistently introduces environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. In just the last two years, we have reduced emissions by approximately 7%. This is a very large scale of efficiency improvement in such a short time. We achieved this result by investing in a number of innovative pro-environmental initiatives, including by optimizing flight routes, precise selection of climb and landing speeds, accurate calculations of the center of gravity of aircraft, regular washing of the airframe and engine, and reducing the weight of aircraft – says Rafał Milczarski, president of LOT Polish Airlines. .

– Moreover, we are strongly involved in projects compensating for CO2 emissions, such as Forest Carbon Farms – a program that has a real impact on increasing the amount of carbon dioxide captured and stored by Polish forests. We are making every effort to ensure that the State Forests project is included in the international program for offsetting emissions in civil aviation, the so-called CORSIA, introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO. Such accreditation would have a real impact on increasing the area of ​​Forest Carbon Farms in Poland, and thus improving carbon dioxide reduction – he adds.

However, LOT’s contribution to nature protection does not end with purchasing carbon dioxide units. The airlines consistently introduce environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, which contributes to improving the CO2 balance in the atmosphere.

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