The deputy minister blamed young people for the Left's result. “It's sad how disengaged you were.”

The deputy minister blamed young people for the Left's result.  “It's sad how disengaged you were.”

Deputy Minister Gdula indicated what – in his opinion – influenced the poor result of the Left in the 2024 local elections. The entry was commented by a young activist of the Left, who did not hide his disappointment with the attitude of the undersecretary.

The first information – which, however, is not based on the official results provided by the National Electoral Commission – shows that the Left did not do very well in the elections, especially those to provincial assemblies. The Ipsos exit poll for TVN24 shows that the Left received only 6.8 percent. votes. Confederation was just above it – with a result of 7.5%.

Is the Left's bad result the fault of young people?

What does Maciej Gdula, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, say about this? As he suggested, the fault lies with young people, probably referring to people under 29 years of age. In this context, the X platform published the results of the Ipsos exit poll, which showed that people of this age constituted 38.6 percent all those who took part in the 2024 local elections. Then there were the inhabitants of Poland aged 30-39 years – 49.5 percent, 40-49 years old – 55.1 percent, 50-59 years old – 62.4 percent, 60 years and up – 51.4 percent

Gdula shared a post by Sławomir Kalinowski, professor Institute of Rural Development and Agriculture of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which also published these results in the media. He wondered why so many young people “didn't go to vote.”

Maciej Kamiński – a 20-year-old candidate for the Małopolska regional council in the Krakow district – soon reacted to Gdula's entry. “Maćku, the result in Małopolska might have been better if you had appeared in the region during the campaign or at least answered the phones. Because for me, as a staff member, it was simply sad how much you were not involved in the campaign,” he wrote, not hiding his chagrin.

The chief of staff of the Lesser Poland Left responded to Gdula

Someone in the comment noted, somewhat ironically, that Gdula is currently a “busy man”, considering the duties he currently performs. Kamiński decided to answer anyway, based on specifics. He replied to user

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