Billions in subsidies for farmers. The deputy minister announced the amount

Billions in subsidies for farmers.  The deputy minister announced the amount

The government is preparing to introduce a mechanism of subsidies for grain sales in order to remove excess agricultural produce from the market.

On Thursday, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Stefan Krajewski, announced the planned amount for subsidies for grain sales and announced payment by the end of May. He also explained that work is underway on draft regulations that will meet the demands of protesting farmers.

Subsidies for farmers

One of these projects are planned subsidies for the sale of cereals. Krajewski said that approximately PLN 2 billion is to be allocated for this purpose, and talks are currently underway with the Ministry of Finance on this matter. The regulation on purchase subsidies is intended to help remove approximately 5 million tons of surplus cereals from the market. Other legal acts will also concern, among others: changes to the Green Deal.

On Thursday, a meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy for 2023-2027 was held, during which the issue of subsidies for the sale of cereals was discussed. It was previously announced that the draft regulation in this regard is already ready.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development previously announced the amounts of subsidies. For grain sold between March 11 and May 31, the farmer will receive PLN 300 per tonne, and for grain sold between January 1 and March 10 – PLN 200 per tonne.

Farmers' protest

Despite this, the protesting farmers believe that their demands are not being implemented and that is why they announced a sit-in strike at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In their opinion, the arrangements adopted earlier had not been sufficiently fulfilled. However, the ministry claims that most of the demands have been implemented, but farmers demand further talks, including with Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

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