What about Twitter and Facebook? “A sad end to a social media fantasy”

What about Twitter and Facebook?  "A sad end to a social media fantasy"

The era of social media, which gave us the promise of managing a network of acquaintances and selecting content for us from the inexhaustible resources of the Internet, is coming to an end. Personal conversations have been replaced by “visual eloquence” – says dr hab. Mirosław Filiciak, head of the Center for Cultural Technology Research at SWPS University.

Przemysław Bociąg: When we arranged this conversation, Twitter still existed. But it is no longer there – it has been replaced by an “X”. It is not exactly known why, but the prevailing opinion among the comments is that it is a whim of a billionaire Elon Muskwho systematically makes moves leading to the collapse of the business he bought. Similarly, Facebook, after the spectacular flop of its Metaverse project, resembles a dilapidated shopping mall on the outskirts of the city. This begs the question: what’s next for social media?

Dr. hab. Miroslaw Filiciak: The end of the age of social media was written late last year by researcher Ian Bogost in an article in The Atlantic under the same title: “The Age of Social Media is Ending”.

Facebook has recently lost a million users in Poland, but looking at these numbers it is difficult to see the actual trend – after all, there are still the majority of Poles on it. Only this Facebook is not the same as it was even 10 years ago.

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