There will be less Ryanair in Modlin. The carrier takes 20 percent. connections and changes tactics

There will be less Ryanair in Modlin.  The carrier takes 20 percent.  connections and changes tactics

Ryanair announced unusual plans. It turns out that this winter flights from Modlin will be reduced by 20 percent. It’s not everything. Instead, it will gain the Chopin airport and the ports in Lublin and Łódź.

Ryanair reduces flights from Modlin in order to improve the offer of other airports. This idea will certainly not appeal to everyone, especially people traveling from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. What will the schedule for winter 2023/2024 look like? There will be a lot of surprises.

Ryanair takes flights from Modlin. This is sad news

We will see as many as 10 fewer routes in winter at the Warsaw-Modlin airport. It will be reduced, among others: The frequency of Ryanair flights on 13 routes will be reduced by as much as 20 percent. connections. We are talking about a difficult situation, because it heralds the loss of jobs for about 200 people. How did this happen?

The problem turned out to be the lack of agreement between the management of the Warsaw-Modlin airport and its client, i.e. the Ryanair network. The line has been waiting for this for two years, but to no avail. The time has come to draw conclusions and take radical action. We are talking about a huge loss for the airport, which will be felt mainly by tourists.

There were many attempts to save the situation in Modlin – although Ryanair presented several proposals for the development of passenger traffic in Masovia, each of them was regularly rejected. We are seeing the effects of this right now. This is, of course, not the first situation of this type – recently it was loud that Ryanair was canceling flights in other places, and the cuts affected all Polish airports.

– We understand the frustration of passengers in Modlin who will unfairly suffer a huge loss of access to low-cost flights and destinations due to the inability of the Modlin Airport management team to conclude a long-term cooperation agreement. We cannot understand why the management board of Modlin did not want to conclude an agreement with its largest customer that would double passenger traffic, said Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson.

As many as 3 airports will gain. Ryanair is preparing new routes

Despite the difficult situation, there is also good news. Ryanair has revealed information about Warsaw Chopin, Lublin and Łódź airports. It turns out that travelers will gain new routes and more flights later this year. What does the winter 2023/2024 season look like? Details are not known, but it is known that the novelty concerns travel from Chopin Airport to Manchester.

Ryanair proves that it still wants to offer customers competitive offers. Despite a 20% reduction flight schedule in Modlin, the carrier will still operate over 290 flights a week to/from Modlin throughout Europe, and this is a competitive option at attractive prices.

– We hope that the management board of Modlin or its shareholders will come to the aid of local consumers so that Ryanair can once again develop at the Modlin airport and offer passengers even greater choice and low prices – this is how the director of Ryanair concluded his statement to the media..

It remains to be hoped that the situation will start to look better in the future.

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