The controversial castle in Stobnica invites you for a walk. Only walls to see for now

The controversial castle in Stobnica invites you for a walk.  Only walls to see for now

The castle in Stobnica, a controversial building built in the Notecka Forest, is remembered again. This time thanks to the first trip offered on the Internet.

The castle in Stobnica opens to the first tourists. Although it is not yet possible to look inside, those interested can now see it up close. All because of the latest offer from the owner of the facility.

Castle in Stobnica – educational path

As we learn from the website of the controversial project, the construction of which has been stirring public opinion for a long time, the first attractions await tourists.

The owner of the facility has so far closely guarded all details and did not allow anyone to approach the construction site. The latest offer, the opportunity to take an educational walk in the forest near the castle, is currently the best opportunity to take a closer look at the controversial investment.

People who decide to buy tickets will have the opportunity to enter the area around the castle, which has been fenced off for outsiders. The organizer planned it in the forest surrounding the lake. There are 12 educational and viewing points there. Apart from nature, tourists will of course also be able to see an impressive castle built on an artificial island.

“While walking along the Forest Educational Trail at the Stobnica Castle, you will find not only breathtaking views and atmospheric scenery of the natural landscape, but also many natural, ornithological and architectural curiosities,” we read on the website.

A walk around the castle in Stobnica. We know the price

The offer that appeared on the website dedicated to the investment includes individual walks along a designated route. The organizer does not provide a guide, but as we read, educational materials have been provided, thanks to which visitors will learn many interesting facts about the castle and its surroundings.

How much is it? The possibility of purchasing tickets has been enabled on the website. Prices vary depending on the day of the week. The cheapest tickets are discounted on weekdays. They can be purchased from PLN 30. This price is valid in October from Tuesday to Friday inclusive. On weekends, prices increase by up to PLN 8. Average prices on Saturday and Sunday are PLN 37-38, but these are discounted tickets. Tickets for people without discounts are PLN 10 more expensive. For entry on the most expensive day, an adult tourist will pay nearly PLN 50.

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