The forgotten village attracts fans of dark atmospheres. You have to watch out for her

The forgotten village attracts fans of dark atmospheres.  You have to watch out for her

Do you like discovering the history of mysterious places and are you attracted by dark landscapes? This is definitely what the village of Lędów has to offer. Once full of life, now forgotten and dangerous.

Poland is full of charming and mysterious villages. They are worth exploring for various reasons. Sometimes the reason is the search for silence and the bosom of nature unpolluted by the smell of exhaust fumes, other reasons are interesting and hidden monuments. This time we have a proposition for people who like more dark and historical atmosphere. Although the place is forgotten, it hides a lot of interesting secrets.

The dark village of Lędów. She was long forgotten

The village of Lędów is associated with many names. Referred to as Lipa and Lindów, today it may attract not only local residents. Currently, it is an extraordinary area rich in greenery and abandoned ruins of buildings. The area can be treated as a tourist attraction for those seeking dark atmospheres and mysterious spaces.

Everything is located near the district town of Sulęcin. It used to be full of life, but today it has fallen into complete oblivion and is mostly empty. What can you find on site?

Dark attractions of the village of Lędów. You need to be careful

Today, Lędów is an area of ​​ruins and a characteristic red brick church tower. Her photos can be seen, among others, on social media and it must be admitted that they could inspire horror fans. Although the building itself is interesting, it is neglected and completely deserted. In addition, we will see the foundations of houses, ruins and lush vegetation. There was once a palace on the site, but all trace of it exists only in photographs. The most important thing to remember is that entry to the mentioned areas is prohibited because military exercises are taking place there. Some people, contrary to the rules, come there, at least for a moment, to satisfy their curiosity, mark their presence and take photos.

What made the village of Lędów only a wilderness today? It turns out that it belonged to a specific Lindenberg family and had over 300 inhabitants. In 1939, she was displaced due to the training ground that was established in nearby Wędrzyn. All traces of life in this place have completely disappeared, and only crosses and church ruins remain.

Despite attempts to repopulate the place in the 1950s, nothing came of this project. Today, Lędów is completely deserted and, despite the fact that it is dangerous, it still attracts many history lovers and seekers of dark lands.

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