Shocking recording from Morskie Oko. The driver hit the horse

Shocking recording from Morskie Oko.  The driver hit the horse

The dramatic scenes were witnessed by tourists walking along the trail to Morskie Oko. The recording shows the driver hitting the horse, which fell on the road.

Morskie Oko is one of the most popular destinations for May weekend walks. Parking lots along the trail have been bursting at the seams in recent days. Employees of the Tatra National Park appealed to tourists to replace their cars with public transport. Some tourists continue their journey on foot, but many use fags, i.e. horse-drawn carts that reach Morskie Oko. Their presence has been controversial for years. A stormy discussion on this topic recently took place in the Sejm.

On Saturday, a recording of another incident on the trail appeared online. She published the video on her social media profile, among others. VIVA Foundation, which for years has been appealing to Poles not to use fags. The video shows that one of the horses pulling the cart with tourists fell on the road. The driver hit the animal in the mouth, and after a while the horse stood up and was harnessed to the cart. Tourists watched everything.

Accident at Morskie Oko. The horse passed tests

“Gazeta Krakowska” informs that the incident took place on Friday, May 3, in the area of ​​Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza. The animal allegedly tripped and fell. – The coach took the animal for medical examination – said Zbigniew Kowalski from the Tatra National Park in an interview with the newspaper. – After the fall, the carter unharnessed the horse and the animal quickly got up. The carter was obliged to take the horse to Bukowina Tatrzańska and then have the animal examined by a veterinarian, said Grzegorz Bryniarski, a forester from the TPN.

As Byniarski added, on Saturday the horse's owner informed that the veterinarian did not find any injuries to the horse and the animal was “cleared to work.”

Not only Internet users but also politicians are outraged by the incident. “It's time to end this barbarism! The suffering of animals is not worth any money, even the biggest ones!” – wrote Krzysztof Śmiszek, Deputy Minister of Justice. “We make animals suffer for no reason. Our entertainment cannot be a reason to torment horses until they drop! This must simply end!” – appealed KO MP Małgorzata Tracz.

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