“There is a project to change the Constitution.” Marshal Hołownia presented the schedule

"There is a project to change the Constitution."  Marshal Hołownia presented the schedule

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia announced an attempt to introduce changes to the Constitutional Tribunal in an interview for Onet. This would, of course, also mean changes in the content of the Constitution.

Szymon Hołownia announced that there is already political consent regarding changes in the Constitutional Tribunal. – We have agreed on the content of the documents, but changes regarding the Constitutional Tribunal will be processed only at the next session of the Sejm – he announced. As he explained, the delay was due to the overloaded program of the next session of the Sejm and the absence of Justice Minister Adam Bodnar, who was recently in Brussels.

Changes in the Constitution. Hołownia announced the dates

– I really want us to consider this type of projects when there is a clear signal sent by the government and our coalition that we are dealing with various issues that are important to people, and not only those that are considered very sharp and controversial, such as “we and PiS” – emphasized the leader of Poland 2050.

– The matter of the Constitutional Tribunal must be resolved. We have a clear opinion on this matter, the text has been agreed with all political forces, there is a draft act, there is a draft amendment to the Constitution – added Hołownia. He emphasized that such serious issues must also be agreed with the Senate, which will also require additional time. He expects that everything will be ready for the next session of the Sejm in two weeks.

The issue of the Constitutional Tribunal was announced at the beginning of February. It was Marshal Szymon Hołownia who wanted to postpone it. The Left also had comments, as it did not want to change the Constitution with PiS, accusing this group of repeatedly violating it. Ultimately, the ruling coalition managed to determine the content of the act and changes to the Constitution.

Changes in the Constitutional Tribunal. Poll

37.9 percent respondents in last week’s United Surveys poll for RMF FM and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” were in favor of the fact that only three incorrectly appointed judges should be removed from the Constitutional Tribunal, and the Sejm should appoint new ones in their place. 33.3 percent respondents believe that the constitution should be changed and the term of office of current judges should be interrupted. Then, the Sejm should elect a new composition of the Constitutional Tribunal.

Deputy Minister of Justice Arkadiusz Myrcha admitted that work on the “so-called reset in the Constitutional Tribunal” are ongoing. –. We are trying to approach the topic holistically, so we are working on a resolution and an act that will change the functioning of the Constitutional Tribunal – the politician said on Monday on Polsat News.

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