Pumpkins, persimmons and chestnuts dominate the markets. Autumn products have become a sales hit

Pumpkins, persimmons and chestnuts dominate the markets.  Autumn products have become a sales hit

New products have appeared at local markets and grocery stores and are very popular among buyers. Chestnuts and persimmons are delicacies that come out of the shadow and have a large group of lovers. Pumpkins are a sales hit. “Pumpkin cream soup is the queen of autumn soups,” say customers.

Autumn has completely changed the face of local bazaars. New products have appeared in place of popular summer fruits, such as strawberries and cherries. With the arrival of the new season, the preferences and tastes of customers who are looking for new flavors have also changed. High product prices also influence buyers’ decisions. Instead of expensive tomatoes, we are increasingly buying apples, pears and plums, as we have already reported on Wprost.pl.

Vegetables and fruits. Buyers’ preferences change in autumn

When it comes to apples, the best sellers are: Ligol, Empire, Gala and Kortland. — In the summer, old apples were on sale, now you can buy young and tasty fruit – say buyers. Customers also willingly buy pears, most often choosing both Klapsy and the very juicy Konferencja. Plums are also very popular among consumers. — The best sellers are Hungarian Regular and Mixed Breeds – says one of the sellers in an interview with Wprost.pl.

These are not the only changes noticed by customers. New products, typically autumn fruits, have appeared in many markets and grocery stores in the capital. One of them is persimmon, better known as kaki. There are two species of this fruit on sale. The first is Fuyu, yellow-orange in color, whose shape resembles a tomato. The second is the dark orange Hachiya, which is shaped like an acorn.

The aromatic and sweet fruit is not yet as popular among buyers as other products, but it is slowly coming out of the shadow. Some sellers are happy to offer them to their regular customers, informing them about the valuable nutrients of kaki. – It is an excellent source of vitamins A and C – convinces the owner of a stand at one of the bazaars in Mokotów. – Whoever tries this fruit once will buy it more often – he adds.

Customers look for rarities at bazaars. One of them are edible chestnuts

Polish blueberries are no longer on sale, they were replaced by imported blueberries from South America. This product appeared in local markets at the turn of September and October. Tasty fruits are not appreciated by most customers. For most people, blueberries have become a luxury product, and the amount of PLN 85-90/kg is unacceptable to them.

Another novelty are edible chestnuts. Many people are interested in the product imported from France, despite the high price of PLN 32/kg. – I sell several kilograms a day – says Mr. Kazimierz, the owner of a stand at the bazaar in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. At first glance, chestnuts look like regular chestnut fruits. For gourmets and lovers of delicacies, these fruits are used primarily in the kitchen, and the French delicacy can be prepared in many ways.

Vegetables at local markets. Pumpkins are a sales hit

Pumpkins have become a sales hit in recent days. On Saturday morning, people were lining up at one of the capital’s markets to buy autumn vegetables. Customers could choose from a wide range of varieties, including pasta, butternut, nutmeg, Provençal, Hokkaido and butter pumpkins. Sellers cut large, ripe and orange pumpkins into smaller pieces, as they cost PLN 4-5 per kilogram, and customers praised their benefits and exchanged recipes for tasty soups.

“Pumpkin cream soup is the queen of autumn soups” – says Mrs. Anna, who has been a great fan of this vegetable for years. “It is a plant rich in carotene and zinc, which has many health-promoting properties” – adds the client. According to nutrition experts, pumpkin, both raw and cooked, is a low-calorie food. The traders themselves admit that this product appears on Polish tables more and more often every year.

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