The coach appeals not to write him off. We may lose a great talent

The coach appeals not to write him off.  We may lose a great talent

One of the famous coaches appealed not to write off the young Polish talent yet. This is about Tomasz Pilch, who has not yet lived up to the expectations placed on him.

How many successors to Adam Małysz, Kamil Stoch or other stars of the Polish national team have already been designated? Lots of. And how many of them did not lose hope? Almost everyone. This group also includes Tomasz Pilch, who is already 23 years old and still has not reached the level expected of him, now Józef Jarząbek is defending the jumper.

Tomasz Pilch in crisis

It must be admitted, however, that at this age, the player born in Cieszyn should at least regularly appear in the A team and consistently accumulate further points in the World Cup. And this is only a version of the minimum expectations for any great talent at the age of 23.

In previous seasons, it seemed that Pilch was slowly heading in the right direction. During Michal Doležal’s term of office, he got several chances (6) and played in the World Cup competition several times, although only once, in Nizhny Tagil, he advanced to the second series. A year later, he made only two starts at the highest level, and he got more opportunities to present himself to a wider audience under Thomas Thurnbichler. We are talking about 9 appearances in which he mainly placed 4-50, although he managed to get much higher twice. The Pole was 23rd in Wisła and 12th in Rasnov, although in Romania there were many stars missing.

Currently, however, Pilch’s form is very questionable because he cannot perform even at a lower level. Here are his results from the 2023/24 season in the Continental Cup:

  • Lillehammer 1 – 46th place

  • Lillehammer 2 – 40th place

  • Ruka 1 – disqualification

  • Ruka 2 – 38th place

  • Engelberg 1 – 33rd place

  • Engelberg 2 – 32nd place

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen – 46th place

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen – 50th place

Why shouldn’t this jumper be written off?

To sum up – in the current season, PK Tomas Pilch has not scored a single point, and yet we are talking about the “second league” in ski jumping. Despite everything, Józef Jarząbek defended him. – If we cross him out today, we will lose a great talent – ​​he said in an interview with “Sportowe Fakty”.

In his opinion, the athlete born in Cieszyn still has about 10 years of career ahead of him and can still reach a high level. – Sometimes I hear different voices. To achieve good results in jumping, the jumper needs complete trust in the coach and vice versa. If it’s not there, it just doesn’t work out, said the renowned coach. In his opinion, a good solution to such situations is always to return to the source and start training with the first trainer. Once upon a time, it even helped stars such as Adam Małysz and Kamil Stoch, so maybe it would make sense this time too.

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