Lidl is selling its “Lidlomix”. The promotion will start on February 12

Lidl is selling its "Lidlomix".  The promotion will start on February 12

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect food processor, a great sales hit from Lidl, will be available at a lower price from February 12.

The upcoming Lida promotion is an obvious response to the recent moves of the manufacturer of another very popular, but much more expensive, kitchen robot. We are talking about the Thermomix, which became significantly more expensive at the beginning of February – instead of the previous price of PLN 5,995, you now have to pay PLN 6,455. Meanwhile, as part of the promotion that will start on February 12, the robot Monsieur Cuisine Connectwhich is an over three times cheaper alternative to Thermomix, will be available in Lidl at an even lower price.

Lidlomix promotion. Monsieur Cuisine Connect 26% cheaper.

While the Thermomix manufacturer increased the price of its food processor by as much as PLN 500, Lidl decided to discount its Lidlomix by exactly the same amount. From Monday, February 12, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect food processor will be available for purchase for PLN 1,399. Its regular price has so far been PLN 1,899, which is a reduction of the same amount as the price of the mentioned Thermomix at the beginning of February.

The promotion for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot will last in Lidl until Sunday, February 18, but in fact it will probably end much earlier, because the promotional equipment stocks are, of course, limited. And knowing life, the scale of interest in Lidlomix, discounted by half a thousand zlotys, will, as usual in such cases, exceed even the wildest expectations of the German discount store chain.

What can Lidlomix do?

Lidlomix with a power of 1200 W is a modern and multifunctional food processor. It has, among others, Wi-Fi function and color display. It provides help in preparing hundreds of dishes because it has access to a built-in virtual book with culinary recipes. It allows you to steam, heat water, knead, beat, ferment, chop, weigh, cook, fry, mix, grind, clean everything automatically, divide equal portions, make shopping lists and write down notes.

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