The bullfrog and tree snake generated $16.4 billion in losses. Groundbreaking research

The bullfrog and tree snake generated $16.4 billion in losses.  Groundbreaking research

Researchers dealing with the calculation of losses caused by pests have identified two species that stand out in their category. It’s about the bullfrog and the brown mangrove.

The portal published the results of research by scientists from different countries on the economic effects of the excessive spread of certain animal species. Two in particular turned out to be particularly troublesome, which are said to have been responsible for $16.3 billion in global losses since 1986.

As it has been shown, the bullfrog and the brown mangrove are not only “ecological pests”, disturbing the balance of their ecosystems. They are also credited with destroying crops and causing costly power outages. Scientists have hope. that through their research they will encourage more investment in stopping the spread of invasive species.

The brown mangrove alone was estimated to have caused $10.3 billion in damage during that period, in part due to uncontrolled breeding on several Pacific islands. On the island of Guam, belonging to the Marianas archipelago in Micronesia, he ended up by chance, together with the American marines. It has become a real nuisance, causing massive power outages, as it likes to crawl over electrical cables, doing massive damage.

Scientists point out that island ecosystems are much more vulnerable to invasive species. They pose a threat to local species of animals and vegetation. The snake in question has multiplied so much in Guam that it is estimated that it has already exceeded the number of two million individuals in this small area.

Bullfrogs, in turn, became problems for Europeans. Their name (American bullfrog) also suggests that they were imported by Americans. These half-kilometre and 30-centimeter amphibians force local authorities to install costly fences to keep frogs out. The cost of creating such a homestead around just five German ponds was 270,000 zlotys. euro.

Still other troublesome frogs are the common coqui. However, their damage is calculated using completely different methods. Due to the extremely loud mating calls, it is believed that this species can significantly reduce the value of real estate in the area it occupies.

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