One of the richest Poles advises: People need to eat less

One of the richest Poles advises: People need to eat less

Prof. Janusz Filipiak, one of the most famous Polish millionaires, wants to convince people to change their habits to help save the climate. He used controversial words.

Prof. Janusz Filipiak, the head and majority owner of Comarch, a man associated with Cracovia Kraków for years, has also been an advocate of saving the climate for a long time. Despite the controversy it raises, he is not afraid to speak very openly about the greatest sins of today’s world, which lead to further devastation of the planet.

The head of Comarch took only 86th place in this year’s Wprost ranking of the 100 richest Poles. His fortune (including his wife) is estimated at PLN 670 million. After the head of CD Projekt, he is the second highest-earning CEO among the owners of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It collects over PLN 18 million in salaries annually.

Private plane

Janusz Filipiak was a guest of Agata Kołodziej’s Forum IBRiS podcast. This is where many strong statements were made about our consumer habits. He referred, among others, to: to accusations that he talks about the need to limit meat consumption and the use of airplanes, while he flies his own private plane – It’s hard for me to comment on this in a general way. You invited me here as a media millionaire. I have a plane that’s small, it’s not a jet, it’s a turboprop that uses half the fuel. If all millionaires had such planes, it would be a fraction of the pollution that is currently emitted by aviation – said Janusz Filipiak.

At the same time, he pointed out that emissions caused by passenger flights are a big problem. – You have to consider how much of the emissions come from passenger flights and how much from my plane. I might as well hit the ball and say “people, you’re going to Crete for vacation and polluting the planet.” Please explain to those who earn less not to go on holiday. Then let’s not fly at all! But I mainly fly to work. If I went to a client in France, I don’t know if I would emit more than by flying – he concluded.

“People need to eat less”

The second issue, which is definitely more controversial, is eating habits. The millionaire admitted that Poles eat way too much meat. – It’s a big job to make people aware that they should, pardon me, eat less. When I go to the store near me, near Krakow, I see people carrying away so many bags of meat that I don’t know what they will do with it. There’s a lot of work to be done here, and it’s not happening – said Janusz Filipiak. – We need to reduce meat consumption by, for example, drastically increasing prices. People don’t have to eat as much of it as they do now – added.

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