Blueberry has no competition in Poland. Surprising data

Blueberry has no competition in Poland.  Surprising data

In May, strawberries dominated the bazaars and shops, in June cherries, and in July blueberries were unrivaled. It can be similar in August, when the peak season for these popular fruits falls. In the last three years, the number of blueberry consumers has doubled.

Łask, a small town in the Łódź Voivodeship. On the outskirts of the commune at Mauryca Street, there is an ecological farm of several hectares owned by Dariusz Kolanus. As the host points out, blueberries are grown throughout the area without any chemicals. The harvesting season started on July 7 and will last until the end of August. In addition to employees who wholesale blueberries for the Polish market, there are also visitors.

American blueberries. Customers come to the field themselves and pick for themselves

Not a day goes by without someone coming to self-harvest. I cordially invite you all – says Mr. Dariusz in an interview with Customers come both from neighboring towns and from other regions of the country. On Friday, several people from Poznań come to pick blueberry fruit, they will have to cover 200 km in each direction. The interest in picking blueberries on your own is so great that you have to make an appointment with the host the day before. The ad posted by Mr. Darek has over 1.1 thousand. views

Blueberries are collected by whole families, at the end of the day they pay much less for fruit than in stores or local bazaars. Some collect a few kilos, others a dozen. The price is fixed – PLN 12/kg. – Why such an interest in blueberries? – we ask the host. – It is a tasty, healthy, versatile fruit and goes with everything. It tastes good both for children, parents and the elderly – claims.

Picking blueberries is a great form of entertainment and education

However, this is not the end of the advantages of blueberry self-harvest. – For many people, it is a form of entertainment and even education. Children learn that it is a fruit that you have to bend down and pick yourself. Many of them so far thought that it was enough to reach for them from the store shelf. Customers enjoy and relax as they spend the whole day in the field he adds.

Mrs. Anna, co-owner of a blueberry plantation in the Żyrardów district, speaks in a similar tone. – We have many new customers this year. Whole families with children come to our plantation. From year to year, there is an increase in interest in blueberries – says.

In her opinion, customers come to the plantation not only for cheaper blueberries, but above all they want to relax and take a break from everyday activities. – More and more people prefer to pick fruit on their own, because they do not know this form of spending free time – claims.

He points out that whole families come to self-harvest, and children love to eat fruit picked straight from the bushes. – On Saturday and Sunday, several dozen families came to the plantation. Some parked their cars in the neighboring meadow or by the road – he points out. Mrs. Anna initially sold blueberries for PLN 10/kg. However, it has introduced a promotional price for families – PLN 8/kg.

American blueberries. They cost less than blueberries

The lower price is undoubtedly the biggest lure that attracts customers to blueberries. There are many announcements on the web from growers inviting you to harvest fruit. Hundreds of people respond to each request. You will not find such prices at local bazaars, where blueberries usually cost from 20 to 24 PLN / kg.

Even in June, you had to pay PLN 50 / kg for them. To attract customers, sellers offer blueberries in small boxes of 300 grams or in packages of 500 grams. The prices of blueberries in supermarkets are a bit more expensive. However, they quickly find buyers.

The high demand for blueberries does not surprise experts. This fruit breaks popularity records. The blueberries are starting to displace the blueberries. – They are just as delicious, but much cheaper than blueberries they say in unison. A product of forest origin costs PLN 35/kg at the Ochota or Mokotów bazaars. In other districts, you have to pay even half as much for berries. Many buyers, having a choice between blueberries or blueberries, choose the latter product because of the lower price.

Surprising data. Every second adult Pole ate blueberries

It looks even better in the statistics. “In July, 15.5 million Poles aged 15 and over ate them. This is almost half of the adults in our country (48%), and the peak season in August is still ahead of us. – informs the news portal – This is the best result in years. If children were added to this number, the result would be much better – we read. The industry does not intend to stop there and announces the promotion of its products.

Industry representatives argue that blueberry consumption declarations are growing year by year, counting “July to July”. And so, in July 2020, blueberry consumption declarations amounted to 23%, and in subsequent years it was: 31%, 40%, and in July this year already 48%. “Three years ago, there were 7.4 million blueberry consumers. Now there are more than twice as many industry experts say. And the fact that every second adult in our country regularly eats blueberries fills everyone with pride.

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