The blunder in “7:30” became famous. There were allegations of manipulation

The blunder in "7:30" became famous.  There were allegations of manipulation

There have been many comments on social media regarding the latest edition of “7:30”. There were allegations of manipulation.

“19:30” presents the results of a new survey conducted by United Surveys on behalf of Wirtualna Polska. Poles were asked: “Who do they think will win the next local government elections?” The study shows that the Civic Coalition has the greatest chance, selected by 40.1 percent. respondents. Second place goes to Law and Justice, chosen by 20.5 percent. respondents. 13.8% chose Third Road. subjects.

TVP reported the results of the survey. “Manipulation”

However, in the public television material this survey was presented in a different way. The host of the program, Zbigniew Łuczyński, said that the Civic Coalition could count on over 40 percent support, while Law and Justice received half that amount. – These are the results of the latest survey less than two months before the local elections – he said.

The mistake was quickly noticed by users of the X platform, who pointed out that the survey assessed who would win and did not measure support. “Really 7:30 p.m.? It was not a support poll, but an assessment of the chances of winning,” wrote Marcin Duma, opinion researcher, president of IBRiS..

An avalanche of comments after a poll on TVP. “This is manipulation that must be corrected.”

“This is solid manipulation and a big, fat line on your image,” comments one of the users, attaching an incorrectly described graphic. “Kurski would not be ashamed of this manipulation. How did it go? “Clean water”?” – commented journalist Kataryna.

“TVP Info, there is a fundamental difference between the question “who will win the elections” and “which party do you support?” This is manipulation that must be corrected. The left says clearly: public media should serve the social interest, not the party interest,” he wrote Łukasz Michnik, press spokesman for the New Left.

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