Kołodziejczak’s powerful exchange with farmers. “You have no control over anything!”

Kołodziejczak's powerful exchange with farmers.  "You have no control over anything!"

– You have no back, you have no influence on anything – one of the farmers accused the deputy minister during a protest in Borki (Lublin Voivodeship). Michał Kołodziejczak defended himself: “gentlemen, I am your man in the ministry.”

On Friday, farmers blocked roads across Poland. Their main demands are: non-implementation of the “Green Deal” and blocking the import of agricultural products from Ukraine, support for animal breeding and compensation from the war fund in the form of subsidies for cereals, rapeseed, milk, fertilizers and higher fuel subsidies.

Minister Czesław Siekierski addressed farmers in Przyborowice (Masovian Voivodeship).

– Farmers want to produce. This is in the interest of all of us. My duty is to listen and talk (…) – he said. He added that agriculture in Europe and Poland is diverse and greening does not need to be controlled at the EU level. Farmers said they couldn’t wait until autumn and expected radical actions. The minister promised that he would try to speed up issues related to the border. Czesław Siekierski was asked what prevents the border from being closed immediately. –There are certain rules of trade. You know that we sell to Ukraine. There is no country that can close itself or isolate itself. You are right, excessive opening of the European market to the inflow of goods from Ukraine was a mistake (of the European Commission – ed.) – he explained.

In Borki (Lublin Voivodeship), Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak approached the protesters. – The challenge is difficult. I wanted to take part in the talks with the Ukrainian side, but unfortunately the management’s decisions were different. When I said that there should be 25-year transition periods, the Ukrainians sent a diplomatic note and asked me to explain: was it on behalf of the ministry or mine? – he said.

Borki. Michał Kołodziejczak answered farmers’ questions

– What should we do, Michael? We will do what you did before. Should we block the roads or not? – asked one of the participants. The deputy minister replied that he would not tell anyone what to do. – Today, one thing surprises me. There was one party in power, and there were no blockades in many places. We have 50 days of one government… – Kołodziejczak began.

– And nothing was done! – the nervous farmer replied. The deputy minister defended himself by being the first to go to the border to check the procedures related to the import of agricultural products. – But what did you do? Just checked? Have you stopped or blocked it? – one of the farmers asked.

– Today Jarosław Kaczyński says that Wojciechowski should be fired. He didn’t see it a year ago, now? Just wait and see what we managed to do. We manage to push things forward, Kołodziejczak argued to the protesters.

Farmers accused him of having no influence on the course of affairs in the Ministry of Agriculture. – I will not argue with insinuations. I am your man in the ministry, emphasized Kołodziejczak.

One of the farmers from the province Lublin Province said during the meeting that including this area in the Green Deal makes no sense. – Our subsidies are so low, you know it very well – he said.

Another shouted “don’t get in Tusk’s f*ck.” – But Kaczyński could? No one enters anyone else, replied the deputy minister.

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