Dorota Gawryluk a candidate in the presidential elections? The journalist stops the speculations

Controversy at the meeting with Dorota Gawryluk.  "I'm sorry if it hurts someone"

Dorota Gawryluk, in the context of rumors linking her with running in the presidential elections, emphasized that she “does not participate in talks with any political party about running for any positions.”

Dorota Gawryluk issued a statement on social media linking her with running for president. “Due to the results of political polls conducted on behalf of various groups, I clearly explain that I am not participating in talks with any political party about running for any positions. I ask you to stop speculating on this subject and invite you to watch ‘Lepsza Polska’,” she wrote.

The topic of the journalist’s potential start appeared for the first time at the beginning of February. The first polls gave Gawryluk a minimal chance of success of 0.2 percent. and 1.89 percent In March, Law and Justice politicians unofficially admitted that the journalist’s participation in the presidential elections was almost certain, but they did not give her a chance of more than 10 percent.

Dorota Gawryluk about her potential run in the presidential elections

In mid-May, when asked about her potential start, Gawryluk said that she “does not want to speculate or speculate.” – There is a lot of speculation on this subject. Let’s leave it today, said the journalist at a meeting with students.

“Does everyone who would like to live in a better Poland have to immediately become a candidate in the elections? I don’t think so. And I’m not thinking about running for office. However, I see that others think for me! I laugh at this, not everyone laughs. If it continues like this, maybe I should really think about it? If this occurs to me, I will let you know immediately!” – Gawryluk supplemented her statement a day later.

PiS has a plan regarding a famous journalist?

However, polls from June gave Gawryluk support at the level of 8.2 percent. and 10.1 percent Eliza Olczyk and Joanna Miziołek reported in “Parliamentary Indiscretions” that Law and Justice would like to support the third candidate in the presidential elections, who will not enter the second round, and will give votes to the PiS candidate.

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