The TPN closes the trail in the mountains. An announcement for tourists has been issued

The TPN closes the trail in the mountains.  An announcement for tourists has been issued

Are you going to the Tatra Mountains soon? Read the latest TPN announcement. Its representatives announced the closure of the trail in the mountains.

Although the holidays are over, there is still truly summer weather outside, which encourages tourists to go on mountain trails. High temperature and plenty of sun encourage hikers to visit the Tatra Mountains. Unfortunately, they may encounter significant difficulties here in the coming days.

Closed trail in the mountains. TPN message

Information appeared on the Facebook page of the Tatra National Park that will sadden tourists going to the mountains. It looks like not one, but two repairs of different trails.

“Due to the replacement of artificial facilities, on Tuesday, September 12, the section of the Kozia Przełęcz – Kulczyński Żleb tourist trail will be closed for one day,” TPN representatives wrote on social media.

One of the renovations will only take a moment. But for the second, we must be patient.

From Wednesday, September 13, for the same reason, the tourist trail Zawrat – Kozia Przełęcz will be closed until further notice. Weather permitting, the work will take about a week. We will inform you about the reopening of the trail in a separate message. During the works, it will be possible to walk along the yellow marked tourist trail from the Gąsienicowa Valley through Kozia Przełęcz to the Five Polish Ponds Valley (in both directions). Please be careful and follow the instructions of the field services. Thank you for supporting our activities,” reads the second part of the message.

TPN calls for caution

In case of closing trails, the Tatra National Park always calls for caution. Tourists accustomed to certain routes may make mistakes, go to certain places “by heart” and find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Recently, such took place near Gerlach. The highest peak of the Tatras can only be climbed with a guide, but one couple decided to try their hand at it on their own. They plotted their route by application and nearly paid with their lives. Although withwere near a broken gully above a precipice, the route map loaded into the interactive watch directed them straight to the cliff. Fortunately, in the end, nothing happened to anyone.

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