The bridge over the Oder is a tourist hit. It’s beautiful views and a bike path

The bridge over the Oder is a tourist hit.  It's beautiful views and a bike path

The former railway bridge is now a path for bicycles and pedestrians. But what particularly attracts tourists here is the viewing platform in the middle of the bridge.

The Siekierki-Neurüdnitz Bridge connects Poland and Germany and is the longest such crossing on the Oder River. The length of the bridge is nearly 800 m. It actually consists of two parts and was built in 1892 as a railway bridge. It was destroyed in 1945, and although it was later rebuilt, trains never ran on it again.

Viewing platform on the Oder River

The bridge deteriorated over the years until efforts were made to completely change its function. Adaptation of the bridge to tourist traffic was covered mainly from EU funds. Today, the pedestrian and bicycle crossing is called an architectural and tourist gem of Western Pomerania. This is where the bicycle route of the Western Lake Districts begins. In the middle of the crossing, on the Polish side, there is a large, two-level viewing platform. Also on the Polish side, you can see educational boards about the history of the bridge and about the species of birds found here, because this area is a paradise for ornithology enthusiasts.

Siekierki-Neurüdnitz Bridge – what to see in the area?

The bridge gives many opportunities to plan interesting trips around the area (not only by bicycle). Non-motorists can, for example, take a train to the Godków railway station and from there cycle to the bridge – passing e.g. a cult place among cyclists, i.e. a bicycle stop at the former railway station in Klępicz. A popular option for an undemanding bicycle trip is to make a loop through Poland and Germany using a bridge crossing and a seasonal ferry in Gozdowice.

The nearby Stare Łysogórki and Gozdowice are also a treat for history fans – there are two intimate museums showing, among others, exhibits related to the crossing of the Oder River in 1945 and a war cemetery. It is also worth visiting Cedynia, Góra Czczibora with the largest eagle monument in Poland and a vantage point, look at the westernmost point of Poland or do some shopping in Osinów Dolny, the famous village of hairdressers.

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