Crisis situation in Szczecin. The water in the lake turned rusty red

Crisis situation in Szczecin.  The water in the lake turned rusty red

Szczecin has been facing an emergency situation for several days. All because of the disaster that hit the local Sunny Lake. The water suddenly changed color in it, the causes of the problem are being investigated.

Although we would like to avoid environmental pollution like the plague, sometimes surprising things happen despite our caution. The Polish Waters State Water Holding issued a warning that a crisis situation had occurred in Szczecin. The water in the Sunshine Lake turned rusty.

Unfortunately, similar situations occur in various parts of the country and not only in Poland. Recently, due to tons of sewage that fell into the Baltic Sea, tourists had to give up swimming in the sea in Liepāja, Latvia. We have also heard many times about the poor quality of water in the Odra and Vistula rivers. Now the problem has affected the lake in Szczecin.

Sunny Lake turned a rusty color. There is a warning

Due to pollution, the Directorate of the Regional Water Management Board in Szczecin warns against approaching the water – we should not touch it under any circumstances. The case also concerns the Bukowa River and the Wieprzak sewage. The water was covered with an unknown substance, causing its color to suddenly change.

The situation has been monitored since September 5, and the relevant services have been informed about everything. At this moment, it is known that the flow at ul. European Union, tests are also underway to analyze water samples collected by the Provincial Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.

Polluted water in Sunny Lake. Action has been taken

The latest announcements from representatives of the Water Management Board show that actions are still being taken to prevent the spread and elimination of pollution. Another water sample collection is scheduled for September 8, and cooperation has been established with scientists from the West Pomeranian University of Technology – samples will be submitted for analysis there. Everything will be tested for heavy metal content. This is to help determine the type and amount of precipitating reagent.

It is also known that boards warning against contact with the waters of the Słoneczne Lake were urgently ordered to be installed, and the employees of the Catchment and Water Supervision Authority in Szczecin are obliged to constantly monitor and report on the lake’s filling level and the condition of the clogged culvert.

It is important to remember that a change in the color of water in a lake or sea does not always have to be caused by pollution related to hazardous substances. There have been cases of people running away from the beach in panic because the water suddenly turned red, but later it turned out that it was due to the droppings of sperm whales, which reacted this way because they felt threatened. How and when will the situation in Szczecin be resolved? We can only hope that the lake will become friendly to people again as soon as possible.

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