Perseids 2023. An extraordinary night of shooting stars is approaching

Perseids 2023. An extraordinary night of shooting stars is approaching

Ahead of us is an extraordinary shower of stars, and this will happen only once in August. In the sky we will see a spectacle that will be remembered for a long time. When and where should you look for it? We reveal the details.

Falling stars are associated with movie scenery and wishes coming true. No wonder that when we hear about an unusual phenomenon that can be seen in the sky, we rub our hands with impatience. On the night of August 12/13, it is worth taking an observation that you will remember for a long time.

Here comes the August night of shooting stars

Although the so-called Perseids, i.e. falling meteors, can be observed in the summer from mid-July to the second half of August, it is now that the great accumulation will take place. In just one day, we will see 50 to 80 sparkling stars per hour at night, which will look as if they are falling to the ground.

Shooting stars are called in different ways – they used to be called Lawrence’s tears, because it was related to the date of his death. In fact, the Perseids are the remnants of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, which comes close to the Sun once every 133 years.

Perseids 2023. Where can we look for a meteor shower?

The upcoming phenomenon was reminded on the Facebook account, among others. Kopernik Science Center. – We can admire the Perseids every year in August, when the Earth’s orbit crosses the comet’s orbit and together with our planet we get into the region of future meteors. In the place where there are the most of them, we will find ourselves on August 12. We invite you for joint observations at the Copernicus Science Center – read the message in the post.

It turns out that we can easily see the stars in Poland, and in the Warsaw facility we are to start watching the show from 8 pm. The advantage of the event is that everyone can come – the event is open-air and there is no need for passes or tickets.

Whether it is possible to see the accumulation of the Perseids will depend primarily on atmospheric conditions. If these start to favor, we should be able to see them with the naked eye. It is already known that the Moon on this day will be approaching the new moon phase, which means that it will not light up the sky too much at this time. If it’s not cloudy, we should be able to see the stars without a problem.

According to astronomy fans, observations are best made away from the city center, where no artificial light will distract us. You can choose e.g. Bieszczady Night Sky Park or other places of this type. Will you be interested in the phenomenon?

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