The 989 hotline is still operational. Another delivery of COVID-19 vaccines already in Poland

The 989 hotline is still operational.  Another delivery of COVID-19 vaccines already in Poland

183 thousand COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Poland on Friday, December 15, informed the Ministry of Health. Another 200,000 have been contracted. vaccines. There will be a hotline at all times, where you can sign up for vaccination against COVID-19.

As informed by the press secretary of the Ministry of Health, Iwona Kania, by decision of the Minister of Health Izabela Leszczyna, contrary to previous announcements, the operation of the hotline 989 (registration for vaccination against COVID-19) will continue.

– The 989 hotline is a significant convenience for patients, especially those who find it difficult to register for vaccination electronically. Taking into account the voice of public opinion, the Minister of Health decided that the continuation of hotline activities will translate into a real simplification of the registration path – informs the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Health.

From December 6, 2023, the Nuvaxovid vaccine (by Novavax) modified for the XBB.1.5 coronavirus subvariant is available. Anyone over 12 years of age can get vaccinated.

It can be taken as the next dose in the already started vaccination cycle. People who have not yet been vaccinated will receive two further doses 3 weeks apart.

You can currently sign up for vaccination against COVID-19:

  • via the MojeIKP application: log in, enter the e-health category, click on the referral and select “Arrange vaccination” (at the very bottom of the e-referral);

  • by contacting the selected vaccination point: primary care clinic or pharmacy. Find a vaccination center;

  • log in to IKP, then enter the “Referrals” category, find the current referral and click “Set an appointment”;

  • via e-registration available on the home page of log in via a trusted profile, via the mObywatel application, e-ID or bank account;

  • via hotline 989.

December 15 183 thousand Nuvaxovid anti-COVID-19 vaccines have reached Poland, and another 200,000. has been contracted. The Ministry of Health will inform about further deliveries of the vaccine.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that yesterday another 183 thousand COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered to Poland, and another 200,000 have been contracted. vaccine doses.

We will keep you updated on the date of delivery of this tranche to Poland.

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