NASA is looking for life in the space ocean. An atomic probe will examine the water under Jupiter’s moon

NASA is looking for life in the space ocean.  An atomic probe will examine the water under Jupiter's moon

There may be life in the underground ocean of Jupiter’s moon Europa, which the American space agency NASA wants to investigate using a special atomic probe.

The search for life in the universe is one of the most important tasks of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in popular consciousness – also thanks to pop culture – known simply as NASA. Her next discovery may be a huge underground ocean located under Europa – the fourth largest moon of Jupiter from the group of Galilean moons and the sixth largest satellite in the Solar System.

Life beneath Europa, Jupiter’s moon

It has been known for some time that there is probably an ocean of liquid water under Europa’s icy crust. Now we learn that this mysterious place in the universe can be explored by a special atom-powered probe. Of course, NASA is behind the research project. The agency even shared concept art showing a nuclear probe to be sent to Jupiter’s moon.

American scientists believe that Jupiter is the second planet in the Solar System, after Mars, that may harbor the first evidence of extraterrestrial life. Special searches are carried out in accordance with the “follow the water” philosophy, because water is the fundamental building block of all life on Earth.

Mission: find life in extraterrestrial water deposits

The biggest challenge of the American space agency is now to break through the shell of the celestial body and reach the deep layers of liquid water that may contain the first evidence of the existence of new biological organisms in space. This is to be achieved by the previously mentioned Cryobot atomic probe, which is to use many technological solutions used, among others, in glacier research.

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