Marianna Schreiber talks honestly about improving your beauty. “I used a lot of treatments”

Marianna Schreiber talks honestly about improving your beauty.  “I used a lot of treatments”

The celebrity was asked what exactly she changed in her appearance. Marianna Schreiber decided to reveal what she improved.

Marianna Schreiber has been especially loud lately. The celebrity separated from her husband a few months ago, after which she gave several interviews and once again recalled herself in the media. Now the 31-year-old has decided to answer Internet users' questions. She revealed, among others: what she improved in her appearance.

Marianna Schreiber about aesthetic medicine treatments

Marianna Schreiber made her debut in the media a few years ago, when she took part in the casting for “Top Model”. At that time, her participation in the program caused a wave of comments in the media due to her marriage to a PiS politician. Then, the celebrity took advantage of her growing recognition to, among other things, start your own party or fight in freak fights. At the same time, she regularly maintained her social media accounts, where she recently reported on her service as part of the 18th Territorial Defense Brigade.

Military service did not prevent her from posting naked photos of herself on the Internet. “If I want, I will post pictures of my tits. (…) Why? Because no one will tell me how to live anymore,” she explained, to which retired general Roman Polko referred.

– It's not that nothing is allowed in the army, but rather what Mrs. Schreiber shows is self-promotion. It has nothing to do with promoting the army. In fact, it works the other way round. This is not a level that this unit would be proud of, he said.

However, this did not stop Marianna Schreiber from further discussions about beauty. The 31-year-old recently organized a question and answer session on Instagram, during which one of the Internet users asked her directly: “Apart from nose surgery, what have you done to your face? What treatments?” The celebrity decided to honestly mention what she improved in her appearance.

“I used a lot of treatments to make my skin more elastic and eliminate discolorations. Plasma therapy. Well, I admit to Botox. But above all, a positive attitude to life,” she admitted.

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