Poland took first place in the cybersecurity ranking. We are a world power

A 19-year-old hacked government websites.  The password was "Admin123"

Poland was ranked first in the National Cyber ​​Security Index, a ranking that measures the country's level of cybersecurity.

The National Cyber ​​Security Index ranking is prepared by the e-Governance Academy, which helps public sector institutions around the world carry out digital transformation. The main purpose of the ranking is to precisely measure the degree of preparation of a given country for the possibility of various types of cyber incidents, including: hacker attacks. In the latest edition of the ranking, Poland took the prestigious 1st place, but its authors point out that there is still a lot to do in our country.

Poland ranks first in the National Cyber ​​Security Index ranking

Our country received 90.83 points in the NCSI ranking. out of 100 possible points, ahead of Australia (87.50 points) and Estonia (85.83 points). The list includes a total of 32 countries from around the world. The national Cyberspace Defense Forces announced Poland's prestigious success.

The assessment of individual countries is based on publicly available materials, such as legal acts, official documents, and official websites. The measurement indicators have been developed in line with the national cybersecurity framework.

The basic cyber threats in today's world include: denial of service (DoS), violation of data integrity and violation of data confidentiality. To effectively manage these threats, each country must have adequate strategic and rapid response capabilities.

At the same time, the e-Governance Academy organization drew attention in its report to the fact that although Poland is currently a global power in the field of cybersecurity, in some respects there is still a lot to catch up on.

Our country performs worse in terms of Digital Development Level, calculated on the basis of the e-administration development index and network readiness index (NRI). Poland's result in this area was 72.29/100 points.

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