Kamil Stoch appealed to the fans. The jumper still believes in it

Kamil Stoch appealed to the fans.  The jumper still believes in it

Since the beginning of the World Cup season, Polish jumpers have been facing problems. Kamil Stoch has one of the worst starts in his career. Therefore, the three-time Olympic champion appealed to the fans.

Polish jumpers did not start the World Cup season well. The White and Reds clearly differ in form from, for example, Stefan Kraft, who won all four World Cup competitions. Thomas Thurnbichler is trying to react and decided to replace Aleksander Zniszczoł with Maciej Kot, who did well in the summer.

Kamil Stoch appealed to the fans

Kamil Stoch was also not doing well from the beginning, he was 42nd in Ruka, and in Lillehammer he was 28th and 37th respectively. These results allowed the three-time Olympic champion to collect three points in the general classification of the 2023/24 World Cup.

In an interview with skijumping.pl, Kamil Stoch admitted that he had not lost faith in the team and Thomas Thurnbichler. – I believe in our team and I believe that everything can still change. Things like that haven’t happened in my career. I believe in coaches who give their all. It’s not like everyone sits down and takes it all seriously, he said.

– Everyone is nervous and worried. It’s about us being in this together and staying on track. Here is a request to the fans for patience and faith in us. This is not an easy situation for us, but we will deal with it together, he added.

Kamil Stoch diagnoses what is wrong

Referring to his results, the three-time Olympic champion diagnosed what the problem was. – Last Wednesday I had a good training session in Lillehammer, I liked it. Everything got a bit confusing on Friday. I talked to the coaches about it. I have the impression that after Friday’s strength training, the feeling was a bit disturbed, and there was competition, he continued.

– I was aware of the results achieved, there was some tension and that’s why it didn’t work – he said.

Kamil Stoch also emphasized that after the November training camp in Lillehammer, he expected that it would not be an easy start to the season for him. – I knew part of it, but I never thought it would be so difficult. However, it’s not the first time I’ve been in this situation, I’ve been through it many times. It’s a pity, because I was hoping that I would be able to avoid it, but that’s the nature of sport and the beauty of what we do. The most important thing is to try to approach the matter calmly, without unnecessary moves, he concluded.

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