Terrible news straight from Sapporo. Piotr Żyła disqualified

Terrible news straight from Sapporo.  Piotr Żyła disqualified

Domen Prevc triumphed in the Ski Jumping World Cup competition on Sunday in Sapporo. Piotr Żyła was disqualified for this.

For the popular Slovenian ski jumper, the victory in Japan was the first in 1,799 days. Domen Prevc won the World Cup competition for the sixth time in his career. The last time this happened to him was in March 2019, during a flying competition in Vikersund.

Aleksander Zniszczoł at the highest level, disqualification of Piotr Żyła

How did the Poles perform during Sunday's competition in Sapporo? It seemed that this might be Dawid Kubacki's day. The Olympic medalist from Beijing (2022) reached as much as 136 meters in the qualifications. Ultimately, Kubacki took fifth place, and this happened just before the start of the fight in Sunday's competition. Interestingly, Noriaki Kasai passed the qualifications again. The 51-year-old jumper achieved 100.5 meters, which gave him 49th place and broke another record in age and in the number of starts in the World Cup competitions. The Japanese won his 571st cup participation on Sunday.

However, when it came to competing for World Cup points, in the case of Kubacki and other Poles, things were not so good. The best was Aleksander Zniszczoł, who took 14th place. Unfortunately, it turned out again that after the first series, in which the Pole was ninth, his jump was worse in the second one, which pushed him down several positions. Kamil Stoch finished 18th. Kubacki was 25th, and Klemens Murańka did not make it to the second series, finishing in 44th place.

Piotr Żyła will remember his poor trip to Sapporo. “Wiewiór” jumped only 107 meters on Saturday, making an embarrassing performance in the competition. One day later? Disqualification of the Pole, Żyła was not allowed to take part in his test due to his illegal suit. Could you imagine a worse weekend in terms of sports? It's rather difficult to visualize it.

Stefan Kraft, the unchallenged leader of the World Cup?

Looking at the general classification, the Austrian champion is at the top, breaking new records. This is Stefan Kraft, who won his 39th competition in history on Saturday in Sapporo, equaling Adam Małysz and Kamil Stoch in his impressive career achievements. In the current World Cup standings, Ryoyu Kobayashi is behind the Austrian. The Japanese has 1,181 points, and the leader has 1,386 points.

The best of Poles? He destroyed in 23rd position. Their neighbors in the general classification are Kubacki (24) and Żyła (25). Stoch is in 27th place. This best shows how average the season is for coach Thomas Thurnbichler's team.

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