Piotr Żyła vs. Sławomir Peszko? There is a breakthrough in the fight in MMA

Piotr Żyła vs. Sławomir Peszko?  There is a breakthrough in the fight in MMA

Piotr Żyła has been thinking about fighting in MMA for a long time. He is associated with Sławomir Peszka. The head of PZN, Adam Małysz, revealed the condition of consent to the ski jumper's performance.

Piotr Żyła and his ski jumping team have already finished the 2023/2024 World Cup season. The two-time individual world champion, like most of the team, is happy that the competition is over not only because of the separation from his family, but also because of the opportunity to improve his fitness in the summer. The ski jumper born in Cieszyn, like other veterans, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch, cannot count the season as a success.

Piotr Żyła with the conditions for fighting in MMA

Zyła was the second best Pole in the general classification behind the well-performing Aleksander Zniszczoł. “Wiewiór” is already thinking about holidays, as well as about fighting in freak fights. Although the presence of a skinny athlete in the octagon seems surreal, the world of Polish fights has already seen a lot.

Last year, the management of the Clout MMA federation announced talks with Żyła. He would fight with the co-owner of the organization, former footballer Sławomir Peszka. After Sunday's competition in Planica, the ski jumper told “Eurosport” that he had received coach Thomas Thurnbichler's consent to fight. WP SportoweFakty asked Adam Małysz about this. The head of the Polish Ski Association agreed to the representative's participation in MMA under one condition. It's about the potential date of the fight in the Octagon.

– As the PZN, we have agreed to such a fight, provided that it will take place in the spring, before preparations for the new season begin – said the president of the PZN.

Piotr Żyła may fight Sławomir Peszka

Piotr Żyła emphasized that he has not signed any fight contract yet. It is also not certain that Peszko will be his opponent. Both the jumper and the current coach of Wieczyńska Kraków have no experience in mixed martial arts.

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