The fans have given their verdict on Polish players. This is how they assessed their chance of getting out of the group

The fans have given their verdict on Polish players.  This is how they assessed their chance of getting out of the group

Poles are starting their fight for Euro 2024. The players count on the fans’ support, but do the fans really believe in their success? The survey by SW Research for “Wprost” may surprise some.

Polish players are preparing for the next day for the inauguration of Euro 2024. While the tournament itself will start on Friday, the White and Reds will start the competition two days later with a match against the Netherlands. After winning sparring matches against Ukraine and Türkiye, fans can be in a good mood. On the other hand, the injuries suffered by the White and Reds are a cause for concern.

Polish football players are financially losing to the competition

The Polish Football Association announced that Robert Lewandowski will be absent from the first match of Euro 2024. The national team captain suffered a hamstring injury during the last friendly match and is recovering with the team. The remaining injuries of the White and Reds are no longer serious enough to interfere with preparations for the clash with the Dutch.

The favorites of group D seem to be the aforementioned “Orange” team and the French, the current runners-up in the world. Both teams dominate when it comes to the value of tournament squads. Didier Deschamps’ team boasts players worth EUR 1.23 billion, while the Polish team is valued by Transfermarkt at “only” EUR 210 million. The Austrians also have a more expensive squad, which may come as a surprise.

Poles have high hopes before Euro 2024

However, these are statistics that do not count during 90 minutes of play on the pitch. Each team will be able to count on the support of their fans. Thousands of fans of the Polish national team have already gone to Germany. It can be suspected that the number will increase in the coming days. Although fans usually like to share sarcastic remarks about the team, their faith in Probierz’s team is visible. This can also be proven by a SW Research survey conducted for “Wprost”.

A group of respondents received a question: “Will the Polish national football team advance from the group to further games at Euro 2024?” SW Research results show that as many as 41 percent of people questioned believe that the Polish national team will get out of Group D. Taking into account the fact that the two best teams and the four best third-place teams will advance to the next stage, it can be argued that Poles have great faith in the national football team.

Women are big fans of the Polish national team

Less than 34 percent believe that the Poles’ adventure with the European Championships will end at the group stage. Interestingly, women (44.4 percent) have greater faith in footballers’ successes than men (37.1 percent). The group aged 25-34 can be considered the biggest skeptics. Nearly 40 percent of them do not give the White and Reds a chance to advance. At the other extreme were respondents aged 35-49. As many as 43.4 percent are optimistic about the tournament in Germany.

Greater faith in the Touchstone team is observed in rural areas, where less than 44 percent of those surveyed by SW Research believe that the team will advance to the next stage of the championship. Respondents from cities with a population of up to 20,000 have a different opinion, as only 38 percent share this opinion.

Polling data also shows that people with basic vocational education have the greatest chance of achieving a good result. The result of 52.3 percent is clearly superior to the remaining respondents. The largest number of respondents who do not believe that Poles will get out of the Euro 2024 group are people with higher education.

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