“Avengers: Endgame” as bait in the hands of criminals. Can you believe people fall for this?

"Avengers: Endgame" as bait in the hands of criminals.  Can you believe people fall for this?

Kaspersky Lab experts reported the method of extorting money for the Avengers. The creators of popular antivirus software came across a number of phishing attacks in which the opportunity to watch a Marvel blockbuster was used as bait.

The fraudsters' method involves preparing crafted websites where you can allegedly watch “Avengers: Endgame” for free. The thieves prepared several such websites, and some of them were available even before the official premiere of the film.

When Internet users visit the fake website and click on the video player placed there, a short scene from the film from the official trailer will appear on the screen. The website will then redirect you to the registration page where you must enter your credit card details to verify your identity.

Fraudsters keep assuring their victims that the data, along with CVV2 codes, will be used only for registration purposes, and the film will be available to watch completely free of charge. Thanks to this, cybercriminals gain access to data, thanks to which they can then steal their victims' money without any major problems.

An influential and globally beloved film series with a huge fan base seems like the perfect target. The temptation to watch the long-awaited show before the Internet is filled with spoilers may turn out to be stronger than common sense. This is what scammers prey on – warns Tatiana Sidorina, cybersecurity researcher at Kaspersky Lab, quoted by rp.pl.

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