Szymon Marciniak revealed what he heard from Lionel Messi. Scene before the World Cup final

Szymon Marciniak revealed what he heard from Lionel Messi.  Scene before the World Cup final

Exactly one year ago (i.e. on December 18), Argentina became the soccer world champion. The final match of the World Cup in Qatar was conducted by the Polish referee team, headed by Szymon Marciniak. On the occasion of the anniversary, the referee recalled the final events.

Szymon Marciniak made history as the first Pole to coach the final of the FIFA World Cup. Previously, as an assistant, but not in the Polish refereeing team, Michał Listkiewicz had the opportunity to experience the final battle at the World Cup (1990). Marciniak, however, was the “boss” who turned out to be practically infallible with his team, leading one of the most exciting finals in the history of the World Championships.

Szymon Marciniak honestly about Lionel Messi’s words

What memories does the Polish referee of the World Cup gold medal game have from a year’s perspective? Marciniak talked to his colleague, Rafał Rostkowski, former main referee and assistant. The referee, born in Płock, mentioned, among others: words spoken by the best footballer of the last two decades, and some say even in history – Lionel Messi. The Argentine spoke before the Pole’s first whistle.

– Just when you’re standing in the tunnel. When you meet with the teams, Messi comes up to you and says: we expected you to be in the final. Giroud did the same and said: Damn, we’re glad you’re refereeing the final. You have a lot of trust on both sides, you can feel it. It’s just that all you think is what I said to my boys. “Gentlemen, let’s just not fuck this up.” In fact, that was all that came to my mind – admitted Marciniak for TVP Sport.

The year since the World Cup final in Qatar is the best in the history of the World Cup?

Exactly December 18 marked twelve months since the duel for the title of the best football team in the world. At Qatar’s Lusail Stadium, with almost 89,000 spectators in the stands, Argentina won the championship title. The Albicelestes defeated the 2018 trophy defenders, the French, in the final.

The Argentines won 4-2, but the decision was made in a penalty shootout. Earlier, after regular time and overtime, the scoreboard read 3:3. The main heroes, on the winning side, were the aforementioned Messi, the author of two goals and a penalty kick converted in the competition. On the other, French side, Kylian Mbappe outdid himself. Three goals and an equally confident use of the starting eleven, which ultimately did not give the Tricolors a triumph in Qatar.

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