The Day Before is the biggest flop of 2023. The creators deceived the players

The Day Before is the biggest flop of 2023.  The creators deceived the players

One of the most interesting game premieres at the end of 2023 turned out to be a fraud, and the studio responsible for the current work announces its liquidation.

The Day Before looked great in the trailers, had an intriguing concept, was set in an interesting world and… well, it was, because it isn’t anymore. This means: the creators close the studio and go out of business, and the game announced as a new standard in the industry remains unfinished and tragically executed on the servers.

The Day Before looked great, but…

The Day Before was supposed to be a survival MMO in the world of zombies and at the same time the first mass game of this type involving the living dead. From what we’ve seen so far, the title looked really promising, and in terms of gameplay it resembled the brilliant The Last of Us from Sony.

On December 7, The Day Before even debuted in early access on Steam. It was then that for the first time, players could see for themselves that there was something wrong with this title. The gameplay was very weak and offered nothing worth attention, and the “huge, interesting world” from the announcement did not scare us with zombies but with one big emptiness.

When it turned out that this game was a simple attempt to cheat and, consequently, extort money, players began to warn each other against it on discussion forums.

The creators of The Day Before are cleaning up the mess they made

After the strong, bitter reaction of players to The Day Before, its creators began to remove their previous entries from the Internet about their project, including those claiming that the game was to be something like a modern MMO shooter, setting new standards in the industry.

Interestingly, The Day Before was supposed to be the first major game by Fntastic studio, which so far had only released a few smaller games not worth much attention. However, the project clearly outgrew its creators, as the mentioned studio has already officially announced its liquidation. Or maybe there was a fraud planned from the very beginning – who knows?

It remains a mystery where Fntastic studio obtained funds for the current work on the game. However, from the official announcement we learned that all the funds that the company managed to obtain from players will be used to repay liabilities to its business partners.

At the same time, Fntastic intends to keep the servers with its poor game alive in the early access phase, most likely to ward off the specter of unfavorable judgments due to potential lawsuits from dissatisfied players.

Perhaps the owner of the Steam platform, Valve, which undertook the promotion of the game and released it in its early phase, will decide to refund the money. However, this does not change the fact that the creators of The Day Before perfidiously deceived everyone who decided to invest even one zloty in this title.

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