Iga Świątek and Hubert Hurkacz are going like a storm. They are already in the United Cup semi-finals

Iga Świątek and Hubert Hurkacz are going like a storm.  They are already in the United Cup semi-finals

The Polish national team, including Iga Świątek and Hubert Hurkacz, is storming through the United Cup. In the quarterfinals of the event, the red and white pair defeated the Chinese and secured a place in the top four of the event.

Iga Świątek and Hubert Hurkacz are preparing for the beginning of the singles season, especially the Australian Open 2024. An important upcoming event is the United Cup, in which they fight not only individually, but also as the Polish national team. After victories over Brazil and Spain, the White and Reds found themselves in the quarterfinals. In it, they confidently defeated the Chinese team consisting of Qinwen Zheng, Zhizhen Zhang, Xiaodi You and Fajing Sun 3-0. Mixed team representatives Katarzyna Piter and Jan Zieliński also contributed to the success.

Hubert Hurkacz did not give his opponent a chance

The international match began with the men’s clash. Hubert Hurkacz started the match well against Zhizhen Zhang, as he immediately won the first three games of the opening set. He took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes, and when he started to make up for the losses, the Pole already had too much advantage to lose. Zhang’s quick games did not help, as “Hubi” triumphed 6:3.

The second set was more even. Initially, each tennis player took a game for himself. Thanks to his good serve, Zhang was able to take the lead. The breakthrough was the seventh game, which the Pole won after receiving a pass from his opponent. From that moment on, almost only Hurkacz won on the court. The Chinese won one more game, but the advantage of serving took its toll. The Polish representative won 6:4 and the entire match, which could herald great hopes for Iga Świątek’s match.

Iga Świątek took Poland to the United Cup semi-finals

The Pole started the clash with Qinwen Zheng by losing her serve. The Chinese won the first two games, which was a big surprise. As time showed, these were the only goals scored by the rivals in this set. From that moment on, the initiative belonged only to the leader of the WTA ranking. The 22-year-old began a great advantage, scoring points in various ways – after returns or mistakes of her opponent. She didn’t avoid all the mistakes, but the number was definitely smaller than her rival’s. She won 6:2 and could get ready for the next game.

This one, similarly to the men’s singles match, was also played in an even atmosphere. It seemed that nothing could stop the momentum of Świątek. She continued her series of consecutive game wins. At 3-0, one could assume that the Pole would win easily, but then Zheng started to make up for the losses and, among other things, started winning with her good serve. After several minutes, the score was 3:3. Then Świątek was reborn again and started scoring points and, as a result, winning games. Zheng was wrong, and the Pole also served well, which gave her the lead. She did not give it up until the end of the match, ultimately winning 6:3.

Mixed martial arts fight with the Chinese

Świątek and Hurkacz were followed by the Polish pair Piter/Zieliński. They started the match with a quick break, although their opponents fortunately equalized after a while. However, it was the White and Reds who controlled the set, gaining an advantage of 2-3 games. Even despite the Polish pair’s mistakes, it was too great for You and Sun to make up for the losses. Ultimately, the score was 6:3 for the Poles.

Just like in the singles matches, after a strong defeat, the Chinese representatives pulled themselves together. They started playing better, often forcing Piter to make mistakes. As a result, they took the lead. The Poles managed to equalize the score 5:5, but the last two games fell to their rivals, which allowed them to equalize the match. The result of the match had to be decided by a super tie-break. This one fell to the Poles, who quickly gained the advantage and in the end won it 10:7.

Poles are waiting for their rivals

The victory secured the White and Red team’s advancement to the United Cup semi-finals. The Poles’ rivals will be the Norwegians or the French.

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