Storm after Trzaskowski's decision. “Nobody is going to crusade.”

Storm after Trzaskowski's decision.  “Nobody is going to crusade.”

Not everyone liked Rafał Trzaskowski's ruling regarding religious symbols. The Mayor of Warsaw responded to the allegations.

Rafał Trzaskowski signed an ordinance on counteracting discrimination in Warsaw offices. According to the new regulations, all religious symbols are to disappear from capital offices. The new regulations will not apply to officials themselves. They will still be able to wear medallions and other jewelry with images of saints. They don't have to cover religious tattoos either.

Rafał Trzaskowski's decision caused real outrage among some commentators. The president of Ordo Iuris, Jerzy Kwaśniewski, thundered that this was a violation of the constitution, which protects the right to publicly profess faith. In turn, Jarosław Kaczyński tried to convince during a meeting with the inhabitants of Podlasie that Rafał Trzaskowski started a religious war.

Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski responds to the allegations

The Mayor of Warsaw decided to respond to the allegations. – There was a lot of media noise around this ordinance. To clarify: this is simply a matter of simply tidying up the situation. We had a lot of questions about whether, for example, office spaces should be consecrated and where there is room to display religious symbols, explained Rafał Trzaskowski during a press briefing.

The Mayor of Warsaw emphasized that “it is for this reason that a very broad ordinance has been issued, which concerns all issues related to equal rights and the prohibition of discrimination, but also concerns issues related to the fact that these spaces where Warsaw men and women are served should be absolutely neutral.” – Here, no one intends to lead any crusade or act dogmatically, only clear guidelines that we are clarifying – added the KO politician.

What about crosses at anniversary celebrations?

The mayor of the capital also mentioned the issue of the presence of religious symbols at ceremonies and events commemorating, e.g. anniversaries related to the history of Poland. – If an event is organized at the Warsaw City Hall, it should be of a secular nature – he said. – If historical celebrations are held, such as the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, we have elements that are time-honored and no one will change that, the politician assured.

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