Rebellion in Szymon Hołownia’s party. Activist resigns to stay in business

Hołownia will refund 800+?  “We'll have to think about it.”

The Polish 2050 activist ceases party activity. This is the result of Szymon Hołownia’s announcement that he wants the members of the management boards of state-owned companies belonging to the groups to resign.

The Speaker of the Sejm and leader of Poland 2050 announced that people belonging to the party he leads will not sit on supervisory boards and management boards of State Treasury companies. He argued that if they were there, they would resign. He posted a list of prohibitions on social media

“Prohibition on appointing party employees to management boards and company councils. Prohibition on appointing members of parliament and local government officials to management boards and councils of companies. Ban on financing parties by members of management boards and company councils,” said Szymon Hołownia, ensuring that Poland 2050 will start these changes from itself.

The Polish 2050 activist is responsible for the announcement of Hołownia

Michał Gniatkowski, a lawyer from Poznań and activist of Poland 2050, who is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Enea SA, does not agree with this position. He issued a statement regarding Hołownia’s announcement, in which he admits that he does not understand why “it is impossible to be at the same time: an expert, enjoying the trust of the government coalition, a nominee to the Supervisory Board, and at the same time a person enjoying social trust in a given city, i.e. a candidate in local government elections.

Gniatkowski admits that the reasons why three years of social activity “in the context of the fight for the rule of law” should condemn a lawyer to be in a worse position compared to someone who “did not get his hands dirty” with such activity remain unclear to him.

Gniatkowski: I can suspend my membership at any time

The activist assures that he takes his appointment to the Supervisory Board of Enea SA seriously. He also expressed hope that the ruling coalition would soon develop solutions regarding the election of the SSP authorities. “If necessary, I can suspend my party membership or resign from membership at any time,” wrote Gniatkowski.

He also announced that he was unilaterally ceasing his party activity with immediate effect, of which he would notify his party circle today. “Today I will not take part in the votes at the Regional Council. You are a specialist (legal advisor), but you are only a party member,” he added. He also admitted that he cannot currently make a declaration regarding a possible run in the elections for the president of Poznań.

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