Congress must urgently vote to transfer funds to Ukraine. The future of the country depends on it

Congress must urgently vote to transfer funds to Ukraine.  The future of the country depends on it

A vote on additional financial aid for Ukraine will take place soon. However, the situation is complicated by Republicans. Zelensky has to convince the senators.

Senator Chuck Schumer – leader of the upper house of the US Congress – announced that a procedural vote will be held this week on additional funds that will be transferred for humanitarian purposes in the Gaza Strip, the Indo-Pacific region, Israel and Ukraine – reports Ukrainian True.

$61 billion for Ukraine, $14.3 billion for Israel

This is a considerable sum – USD 106 billion. – I urge every senator to consider where we are at this historic moment. America’s national security is at risk around the world – in Europe, the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific region. This may shape the trajectory of democracy for years to come, the Democratic leader emphasized.

In September, the White House submitted a package of additional financing to Congress, which was mainly to be transferred to Ukraine ($61 billion).

Zelensky will tell them “what’s at stake”

Ukrainian Pravda quotes the position of Mike Johnson, who – as a representative of the right – came up with a proposal to transfer funds to Ukraine and Israel. However, for some time now, Republicans have been unable to determine the details regarding the allocation of funds that are also to be used to ensure security on the US-Mexico border. Ukraine’s support is an important element, but not the only one taken into account in the discussions.

On Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelensky is scheduled to talk to senators via the Internet, as announced by Schumer. The president of Ukraine is to tell them directly “what is at stake” if the Americans do not help those defending themselves against the Russians. It is worth emphasizing that this is the last moment, because the funds for purchasing equipment and weapons for Ukraine will soon run out. Therefore, if no project is passed, the US will stop supporting the country attacked by Russians, and without support, the army may quickly suffer defeat in many places on the front line.

White House ‘has no more money’

White House budget director Shalanda Young wrote a letter earlier this week in which she clearly emphasized that “if the Ukrainian economy collapses, (the Ukrainians – ed.) will not be able to continue the fight,” we read. She added that the White House “has no more money — and time,” quotes the German daily Welt. Therefore, further billions of dollars must be unlocked immediately.

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